Sea Amoy transfer open the Spring Festival mode to suspend delivery 20 days

news February 3rd, approaching at the end of calendar year, the industry have ready to open the "Spring Festival" mode, the transport company is no exception, sea Amoy family Spring Festival shopping plan will be more or less affected. The day before, a number of transport companies including transport, sea Amoy, Chinese Benniao, sonic speed have released operational arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday.

was informed that, due to the limitations of the post office is not required, most of the transport companies during the Spring Festival will be arranged around 20 days of vacation and to suspend the delivery of goods and customs clearance.


is reported that the transfer of China will be suspended in February 5th out of the library (after the delivery of some of the goods will be affected, but does not affect the user’s normal submission of a library), in February 25th to resume normal transport. Among them, the company will be in Beijing from February 18th to February 24th during the holiday break, the company’s schedule is in accordance with the United States holiday, so the Spring Festival can be stored in normal.

Tianjin Benniao sea Amoy channel will stop shipments in February 5th, February 24th returned to normal library, February 25th returned to normal delivery customs clearance, Guangzhou channel will be stopped in February 7th February 24th delivery, return to normal library, February 29th returned to normal delivery customs clearance. However, according to the announcement of the sea Amoy Benniao, during the Spring Festival, the normal warehouse receipt storage, before payment of the parcel will be in February 13th after the Spring Festival outbound priority.

and sonic speed America line from the United States on February 2nd to suspend shipments in February 23rd to resume shipments, Japan will suspend delivery line from February 4th, February 25th to resume shipments. At the same time, the speed of the United States, Japan, overseas warehouses during the Spring Festival according to the normal working days to work, and receiving, storage and packaging, such as a library process.

so, sea Amoy consumer purchase from overseas in February 2nd to February 25th this period of time the goods will meet the conditions of delivery delays. In addition, consumers before the Spring Festival last batch delivery where the transport order, to reliably determine the domestic recipient address in the recipient can receive the early spring festival, in order to avoid domestic logistics delivery failure caused by unnecessary delays and losses.

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