Taobao search rules were changed to protest 300 sellers to discuss Hangzhou


13 at noon, gathered in Hangzhou, the seller played protest Taobao banner

July 13th news, Taobao search rules adjustment issue recently on the seller has a great disturbance, many sellers complain that the business is difficult to do. A person close to the science and technology Tencent revealed that 11 provinces and cities nationwide nearly 300 sellers today gathered in Hangzhou, to say to Taobao for Taobao, and restore the original goods in accordance with the requirements on the shelf time sorting rules.

seller issued a protest: request to restore the original rules

this morning, from 11 provinces and cities nationwide nearly 300 sellers have gathered in Hangzhou to discuss to say to Taobao. From the beginning of the afternoon, sellers began to gather in the location of Taobao company.

at the same time, a Taobao owner inscribed the Joint Commission on the protest has been widespread in various forums, the protest directed at management.

protest pointed out that since July 8th a high-profile search ranking modify rules, small sellers traffic plummeted, reducing the number of orders, although claims is improved in the service, but after the actual test found, who gave more money, who is standing in the front.

protest requires Taobao to immediately change the order of the commodity search rules, back to the most primitive in accordance with the goods on the shelf time sorting the most reasonable. And called on Taobao to communicate with the majority of Sellers before changing the rules. Taobao is Taobao, not a few people, Taobao, we reserve the right to take further measures."

Taobao, a Red Army man, was involved in the protests. He said in an interview, Taobao in revenue terms, now Taobao is not the original Taobao. In order to achieve the listing as soon as possible, Taobao can continue to maintain the interests of the big sellers to contribute revenue.

he complained to the Tencent technology, Taobao rules three days a small change, a big change in the five day, every time the change has brought a lot of unnecessary trouble to the seller. Although claiming to bring convenience to the user, but as a seller we know more clearly, the user will not be able to Amoy cheap goods."

"as the owner of the us, has been with Taobao, Taobao will build to the majority of users to become a shopping paradise, Taobao efforts, we are trying, daily from dawn to dusk, but now we have to get rid of Taobao."

currently, Taobao did not make a statement on this incident.

sellers complain that business is difficult to do

it is understood that the incident stems from Taobao’s search order adjustment. Taobao recently announced the adoption of consumer goods into the description of the store itself, the seller’s comprehensive evaluation, the seller’s service quality, such as the content of the calculation of the search results in order to adjust the ranking.

through the adjustment of search rules in the Department of

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