Gome online CEO Li Juntao price war should be based on the quality of protection

sina science and technology news Beijing time on October 26th morning news, the United States and the United States held an online 11 strategic communications conference in Beijing. Gome online 11 this year will be the main push home appliances and 3C products, in addition to a range of price promotions, the main product quality and logistics speed.

the United States said that the current electricity supplier has smuggled goods fake, the first price cut, no cheap goods, logistics slow pain point, this year 11 the United States will be on the above points to make countermeasure.

CEO Li Juntao said the United States online, adhere to the core of home appliances category and import mode, the line stores sharing of supply chain, warehousing goods from manufacturers directly through Gome logistics service users, to ensure product quality quality.

Li Juntao revealed that the United States differentiated goods accounted for 35%, is expected in 2017 reached $50%. Has been working with apple, Haier, Hisense, GREE, Samsung, HUAWEI and other manufacturers to achieve cooperation.

, director of the United States online logistics center Qian Jing said that in November 10th this year to 12 in the north of Guangzhou and other 15 key city launched all electric day service, day 12 money orders, 22 day delivery, after 12 orders, 20 the next day before delivery.

said Qian Jing has Gome online nationwide 428 logistics and warehousing center, 1 million 950 thousand square meters warehouse area, 15000 vehicles daily delivery vehicles.

In addition to

in addition to low prices, red envelopes and other promotional strategies, the user found that other platforms or lower prices are not served within the stipulated time, the United States will be returned to the user online cash coupons as compensation.

in the subsequent interview, Li Juntao told sina science channel, electricity supplier price war is greatly should be based on the quality of products, including logistics service perfect on the basis of talk, not blindly pursue cheap and shoddy.

Li Juntao said that through the direct cooperation with manufacturers to customize the product, you can achieve the exclusive low-cost products, so as to achieve sustainable development in the price war.

electricity supplier cooperation this year, the case can often be seen, Li Juntao said the two sides to understand the two sides, first, what can bring to consumers; second, for the development of the company. If it is not clear that these two points is just heating.

in the face of some manufacturers to attack the friends of the way to conduct marketing, Li Juntao think this is a normal marketing approach, through speculation can cause more user attention. But normal business competition understandable, rise to the attack on executives inappropriate. In addition, the company should pay more attention to the sale of the product or service quality.

Li Juntao also said that the United States purchased overseas have begun planning, has been established in Jiangsu Changning museum.

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