Tmall international Ma said from the global buy sell the world is still far worse

in addition to the big companies and brands become its outside buyers, Ali did not actually solve the problem of overseas market expansion, while its domestic market is not so stable.

September 8th

day, Hangzhou downtown in the Huanglong Hotel is a mess, a large group organized by the Alibaba business industry forum, being held here.

is representative of the company in full field, only in exchange for a piece of name card and usually not to contact the Tmall executives; representative "Taobao Cun said, after listening to his Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong on" the future of digital commerce "for half an hour after the speech, I will be back.

at Tmall international general manager Liu Peng for four months, in the afternoon also appeared in a forum with the theme of cross-border electricity supplier. He rushed to the venue after the discovery, the two guests before speech are overtime, one from the morning has just signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tmall International Metro, another from Munich to Bayern to bring Tmall DHL.

B2C of Alibaba as cross-border trade business, "Tmall" brand was founded in February 2014, the concept of almost and cross-border electricity supplier in the domestic fire up, is the same time.

but Tmall really known to the public, will have to wait until 2014 that a double 11 "before the month – at that time, almost all in advance to put goods into the shopping cart of consumers, are from the United States Costco mixed nuts, or" natural health products advertisement brush treasure "of the screen.

in 2014, before the arrival of the double 11, almost all of the media to attend the meeting Ali executives have said that this year is difficult to do consumer carnival. The concept of fresh, customer price is higher Tmall international became the year "double 11" total revenue to reach 57 billion 100 million yuan one of the driving factors, Ali also announced, this is the first year of the company’s "global online shopping".

According to the

Alibaba in December 2014 to disclose the data, then Tmall international has attracted more than 5 thousand and 400 overseas brands from around 25 countries and regions, of which 30 stores store a total turnover of more than 10 million; in November of that year, Tmall international monthly turnover compared to the start of February, an increase of more than 10 times.

at that time, the Wall Street journal has also raised questions: Tmall international this platform, what exactly is the international brand sales of those who brought the promotion of



in the article, "the Wall Street journal" quoted data traffic statistics Alexa analysis says that in 3500 was the most popular China website, Taobao and Tmall have entered the top five, but Tmall international only ranked 311st; in addition, day.

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