First enclosure and then profitable second hand car trading platform yet to mature


recently suffered a bothering children, he was in Shanghai AI car second-hand car company bought a promise no accident, no structural damage, the key parts of the odometer real Cadillac second-hand car, later found the car mileage fraud, vehicle accidents have occurred and carried out maintenance. Mr. huff, the car dealer to court. Although the final court ruling in favor of Mr. Lee, but after several months of things, mr..

had to say that the used car industry was too deep. Before I listen to the company’s publicity, think of all the models are checked through certification, there should be no problem. Now it is found that the so-called test, that is, when they are both athletes and referees, there is no transparency at all." Yu on the first Financial Daily reporters helpless talk.

"is indeed the case, the asymmetry of second-hand car market, coupled with the dragons and fishes jumbled together information, vehicle maintenance and repair information, there is no information available." A second-hand car dealer told reporters in Shanghai, more than 70% of the second-hand car market is the completion of the transaction by the small second-hand car dealers or cattle, consumers want to buy a good car, need to spend a lot of time cost.

"we imagine, is not to have the help to buy a model similar to the housing agency, responsible for the completion of the second-hand car trading information in matching and matching, to help consumers buy cars?" the reporter last year to participate in a meeting after the market, a market entrepreneurs mention this problem. The problem is raised, the temporary venue ice in about 30 seconds, and then asking more from every corner of that, almost all of the people think that this model is not feasible, "you let consumers get what you trust


let consumers take what trust you?

in the purchase of second-hand housing, looking for an intermediary is the first idea of almost every property buyers. But in the used car industry, finding acquaintances seems to be a more popular approach. "We all think that since it is an acquaintance, there will be no cheating behavior." Dealers in the region of Shanghai frankly, you want to find an intermediary or find someone to help buy, I do not want, what can trust you?

how to get the trust of consumers, Han Guangyu and his car team can not escape the problem of cats. The car is a headquarters, second-hand car trading platform in Hangzhou. A lot of people will be attributed to the pattern of our transactions to the ranks of the B2C, in fact, we prefer to position ourselves as a help buy platform. Through our certified buyers and sellers to complete the transaction." The car, vice president Han Guangyu told the "First Financial Daily reporters stressed.

as to how to obtain the trust of consumers, the car, the answer and excellent letter of second-hand car, Schumacher certified used car online trading platform such as. "We are committed to all the used cars through our car cat 1058 professional testing and certification, consumers buy our certification car, if there is a problem, we will directly pay." Han Guangyu said.


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