Ocean pier had blue waves Sea Amoy price war has been multi category spread

The latest

was informed that after 316 diapers price war, imported electricity supplier ocean terminal has been from the point and the surface, milk powder, baby Tong Baojian in more than one category of the spread of low activity.

ocean pier promotion page

blue ocean pier CEO once said that the Ocean Terminal every week 2 – 3 quite big promotion, in addition to milk, diapers, there will be different categories, different frequency promotional hot products.

which, just as the mother needs the product, cut it easier. In view of consumer awareness of foreign products, the most suitable for the daily needs of the product from the most need to cut, milk powder, diapers, health products are more sensitive and rigid products.

"we launched the price war, it is also to educate consumers, tell them things abroad can be very cheap." Ceng Bibo said. Influence on the price war, he said, in the 316 diapers price war, users and overseas sellers increased significantly.

it is understood that the foreign terminal built by the international logistics Pui international, often take the international free shipping mode for promotion. Ceng Bibo believes that, in addition, the overseas team of more than 50 foreign terminal staff, the layout of the mobile Internet, are also other platforms do not have the advantage.

It is reported that

, ocean terminal get $100 million B round of financing, at the beginning of that time, Ceng Bibo said in an interview, from the sea Amoy industry, 2015 is the reshuffle, 2016 is 2017 war, there is hope (listed).

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