World network Taobao event caused by self built mall hot

Taobao 10.11 incident

October 11, 2011, in the absence of any symptoms, there is no explanation of the circumstances, Taobao mall suddenly announced that to improve the qualification settled in 2012. Among them, the most compelling of the two provisions: margin from the previous 10 thousand yuan rose to yuan ranging from $~15 million; technical service fees rose from the previous $30 thousand to $6000 ~5 yuan. 5~10 times or so the mall in the vast majority of small businesses complain incessantly, originally known as the "small business incubator" Taobao mall, destroying thousands of entrepreneurial dreams. Because of this thing, nearly 7000 netizens published YY voice, organized, on the starry, Osa, seven princess, UNIQLO Taobao mall big sellers, the implementation of the "malicious operations take goods, to the poor, refused to pay". This is the recent hot Taobao 10.11 incident.

Taobao highlights e-commerce will also be like Suning, Gome, relying on the Internet channel to manufacturers

Gome and Suning approach fee storm believe that we still remember it, because in 2005 the entry fee, GREE fully withdraw from the United States, in turn to establish their own sales system. Gome and Suning jinchangfei mode, media exposure, supplier resistance, coupled with Wong Kwong Yu’s downfall, eventually the country under the policy, no entry fee. This kind of financial profit model is not healthy, damage the industry chain, so that all of the channels for the supplier to work, Taobao is now going to go Gome Suning approach fee model.

Taobao is also a reason to do so, C2C can not develop in the existing environment of integrity, only to engage in the mall has a future, but Taobao has tasted the sweetness. Why to that group is not reliable, the sale of counterfeits, no brand and resources of the small C lost their own brand, each 3· 15 are always on tenterhooks too, engage in even market opportunities are lost. Taobao is not charity, why should not go with the money way?

But in this

with the Internet channel to improve their quality and make the manufacturers go through what way, it may be premature, but one thing is certain, Ma Yun ready to fight a protracted station, Ma Yun micro-blog said: "even so, we may also because we persist in wilfully and arbitrarily! Believe in your decision, we do the best thing to do."

Taobao mall operating expenses 160 thousand PK self built mall

iResearch latest statistics show that the 2011Q1 Chinese C2C online shopping market, over 90% of the market transaction from Taobao ( C2C), followed by, continued growth in transaction size, market share is 8.9%. Many stores also rely on Taobao to earn some money, while businesses are tasted the sweetness, Taobao has such a blow. 160 thousand of the operating costs for some of the big business, of course, is not a problem, but it is difficult to sell some small sellers down. Run a clothing store

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