Jingdong bribegate after the breakdown of the five major commercial bribery case

a Jingdong’s internal mail, may open a door of bribery".

open the door to the man named Wang Hai, China occupation play dummy. Economist Wu Jinglian Wang Hai gave the book written by Wu Xiaobo in the "market street sweeper"; "agitate" for thirty years in the book, Wang Hai as the 1995 history of enterprises. He started on the counterfeiting of the road, is from the beginning of the year.

questioned millet 2 "Tianma Diaobao SHARP / AUO screen screen for mobile phone hammer" event; accused the second use of intelligent mobile phone "," world class, and There was no parallel in history. all dingpei "ad alleged false propaganda; questioning Apple outlets will be refurbished machines sold as new iPhone 4 product……

reported by Wang Hai the company a lot, but this time, he had to report the Jingdong, the reason, in addition to that Jingdong employees posing as civil servants to come swaggeringly "Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau Yizhuang Economic Development Zone Branch of pitch camp, help Industrial and Commercial Bureau handle their own report this behavior too far, in the mail into a word the fuse –

"professional fake people (He Hai, king of the sea), the higher the level of risk, often charged exposure risk, according to the actual situation of selective payment, the client complaints need to pay occupation post fake treatment, to avoid greater risk; has complained to the business as the case and the risk of special treatment."

Jingdong "occupation counterfeiting Gang" playing "fake people, also named" Wang Hai "hanging out, he can


at the same time, Wang Hai also questioned the Beijing Development Zone Branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer protection chief Wang Xiaofeng why can free shopping mall in Jingdong. If the goods are really Jingdong Wang Xiaofeng sent, then he has constituted a bribe, Jingdong has also been investigated for the crime of bribery unit.

Wang Hai has been on the 10 day of October to the Beijing procuratorate real name Jingdong mall, he said in the name of micro-blog has been reported to the Beijing municipal procuratorate alleged bribery, Jingdong mall alleged bribery.

Before the results of the

procuratorate came out, we still do not know the outcome of the Jingdong, but we can look at the history of commercial bribery occurred in the case, from them, may be able to get some inspiration……

the world’s largest bribery case – SIEMENS global bribery case

After the

Jingdong bribegate, to see what a commercial bribery case in


SIEMENS healthcare is one of the world’s largest providers of medical devices. At present, the German SIEMENS, General Electric (GE), Holland PHILPS three companies monopolize China’s high-end medical equipment of 70%, while the proportion of domestic equipment less than 10%.

as early as more than and 100 years ago, the Japanese Navy SIEMENS bribery scandal led to the downfall of the Yamamoto Quants cabinet, japan. 2007, SIEMENS then exposed bribery door, in a long period of time for more than a decade to continue the big

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