Rookie a growing record of Wangzhuan product kuibu Zhen Cheng thousands of miles away

review: with the rise of the Internet age, a cable, a computer, can help many young people have dreams to dream, making money online is no longer out of reach, Wangzhuan became numerous dreamers reflect their own value, one of the means to increase their wealth. Whether the network world unreal so you worked for shake, will let you forget the pursuit of self struggle, Wangzhuan you know: "a thousand miles; not small streams, rivers without the truth.


A5 forum is a period of Wangzhuan essay activities, for the rookie level Wangzhuan novice, this should not hold little achievements to show off, but even rookie also have their own dreams, also have their own Wangzhuan experience, but I would like to use the "A5 to MY advertising alliance to share my essay" real experience, whether it is success or failure, is also a part of the growth of Wangzhuan, summed up his own Wangzhuan motto: temporary product kuibu Zhen Cheng

thousands of miles away!Note:

the first essay into Wangzhuan the first pot of gold

began to contact the Internet since 2010, the Internet boom is a blank to me, let me stop start carefully on their own work, then Taobao Witkey guest single page optimization is very common, with the help of a few friends to do single page optimization of Taobao customers, also let them make a start can you cash, but have not been able to do Wangzhuan alone. The webmaster every day used to login to the A5 forum, see A5 essay inadvertently remember is "enjoy life and enjoy the ceramic" essay, the first time to participate in the competition with the third-prize, although it’s a very small reward, but for me it is Wangzhuan beginning, is a stepping stone I entered the Wangzhuan journey. In 2011, A5 held for many activities, almost every year in the big and small, also took a lot of reward, this year I earned the first pot of gold in the A5 Wangzhuan a total of 2400 yuan.

The first gold

A5 Wangzhuan is used to build a local portal website, portal website management not only need to place the information I know enough, creative content becomes the core portal of survival. This website optimization in order to save, is the use of foreign space, sent 15 independent IP host, in 2011 the station group operation is also very common, in order to let the master can quickly rankings, free independent IP gave me opportunities, the station group operation method is very quickly reached the effect site the advertising alliance, the portal also give yourself with little income, at least every bus fee earned

, ha ha!

second: no small streams, no rivers into

do not know whether the webmaster will have the same experience as me, the following scenario you encountered:

"what are you doing?"

"I ah, do the Internet Wangzhuan, you know?"

"so powerful, that"

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