Valuation soared 3 times Wanda electricity supplier development O2O is inevitable move

is currently in the middle of the electricity supplier for high-income groups, although it can not be called a blank, but it is still a huge opportunity for the market segments. Due to the commercial form of Wanda Plaza itself is located in the service of high-income groups, so a better understanding of the needs and preferences of such groups, the development of high-end user groups have a natural advantage


yesterday (January 4th), said the two overseas Internet investment fund will invest 1 billion yuan, in exchange for Wanda electricity supplier shares of 5%. Just a few months to turn the valuation of the original 4 times, Wang Sicong’s new company has once again become the focus of attention in the industry.

With the fast money

December 2014 incorporated into the flag, finally stitching on Wanda electricity supplier last piece of short board. Fast money not only brings a perfect payment platform for Wanda electricity supplier, also bring consumption big data accumulation and more than and 200 years of operation of domestic and foreign financial institutions of cooperation, can provide important support for the future of the membership system and development.

Wanda rich merchants, Baidu flow, Tencent users, plus the new marry fast money door, see Wanda electricity strength can not be overlooked from the paper. Think of the three shareholders of all is the godfather level trench enterprises, if they can work together to build a business is quite worth looking forward to it. However, paper strength again strong, but in the end is to see real Kung Fu on the scene. 1+1 not > 2 example of Ericsson, SONY to meet the eye everywhere, TCL acquisition of Alcatel, the end result is far from ideal from the original. So in the face of fierce competition in the market, Wanda electricity supplier breakthrough will be where?

development O2O is inevitable move

the current B2C business website, platform to do well with ALI, and direct leader is Jingdong, two years in relevant industry. If the Wanda electricity supplier breakthrough from two directions, and the opponent forces fight hand to hand with no small difficulty.

is currently the only relative to the most advantage of Wanda, rather than its hundreds of commercial real estate in the country, hundreds of thousands of high-end businesses, called the country’s largest online business network. This is the current platform for electronic business rivals such as Tmall, Jingdong and other strategic importance is not a resource, can be described as a natural advantage. So, how to combine this huge line of business networks and online, to create a vibrant and valuable O2O business empire, it is natural to become an important task for the future of Wanda electricity supplier.

In fact, Wanda electricity supplier in the beginning of the establishment of

, it has been observed that this. As early as last year, Wanda joint Baidu, Tencent established Wanda electricity company, announced that it does not sell merchandise to sell services, specifically to build an integrated online and offline user experience as its strategic objectives, and to take a very big name: wisdom square. It is reported that Wanda electricity supplier is ready to start the orderly, free WiFi layout is completed, O2O software is being developed, the future will force in this.

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