The future development trend of e commerce market from the perspective of network economy

2011 in the second quarter, China’s network economy has achieved rapid growth, an increase compared to 2010 each quarter have improved. International news Tongbao data show that the overall size of the second quarter of 2011 China network economy 62 billion 200 million yuan, rose 19.2%, an increase of 77.5%, is expected in the third quarter, the overall size of China network economy will reach 74 billion yuan. The proportion of e-commerce in the overall network economy continues to expand, accounting for 43.9%.

e-commerce scale steadily rising

according to iResearch consulting statistics show that the second quarter of the electronic commerce industry transaction size of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, representing an increase of 47% over the same period last year, compared with the first quarter of, an increase of 9.3%. Occasion Tongbao analysis shows that the increase was mainly due to three points: one is the second quarter of the holidays more, household appliances, clothing and other goods market seasonal demand increases; two is the electronic commerce enterprises to increase promotional efforts and expand marketing means, such as Mcglaughlin in April, Taobao has launched a luxury car mall anniversary prizes, Jingdong mall, Dangdang net borrowing, anniversary year celebration activities such as large-scale promotion, all promoted the increase in orders; three is the traditional enterprise understanding of e-commerce is increasing, enterprises through in-depth understanding and actively expand the industry and the world and three party e-commerce platform for cooperation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading by means of electronic commerce.

electricity supplier market structure has changed steadily

due to the expansion of business lines, seasonal sales and logistics services to improve the level of payment, online shopping market maintained a high growth rate. Segments of the market, the size of B2B e-commerce market transactions to maintain a steady growth in the same period there will be more SMEs through the B2B platform to carry out online business. The May Day holiday and other activities to participate in the development of the hotel together to pull a large increase in the amount of online transactions, the second quarter of the online shopping and air ticket booking based B2C market share is gradually increasing. Nevertheless, when Tongbao CEO Ding Guodong think, because B2B has the market and resources is the largest, is three in the state of Wei, the big brother status will not change in the next 20 years.

electricity supplier market trends in the future

according to the current development of e-commerce market, iResearch that the future of China’s e-commerce market will show the following three trends:

first, Chinese e-commerce market in the third quarter will continue to develop steadily, the online shopping and online travel booking dominated the B2C market growth rate will continue to be higher than the B2B market, online shopping and online travel market for e-commerce market share will gradually increase, the development of space is still large.

second, the joint development of cooperation to promote B2B companies will continue to improve their service levels. Such as the April occasion Tongbao industry launched the world, committed to.