From four points WeChat store electricity supplier business analysis can be made

if you open the WeChat circle of friends now, will be a variety of things to sell information scraper, it can be said that WeChat sales has penetrated into all aspects of our life. Of course, only depend on the behavior of sellers circle of friends, WeChat’s business is certainly can not do it, I believe the official is aware of this, and do everything possible to curb business behavior rather than use good traffic advantage to do real business. But to tell the truth for Ali, a dominant phenomenon, Tencent oneself is very depressed, from pat to the QQ mall, the Tencent did not try to change and develop, but every attempt backfired, youshiwuzhong.

the development of WeChat shop, not only for the electricity supplier once again set foot in, it is a new exploration in the field of e-commerce, WeChat’s expectations given to them self-evident. And from the case of everyone desperately settled, WeChat store does have great prospects for development, even if the Tencent is not particularly perfect in terms of hardware. Of course, these are the comments on the surface, for the WeChat store, in fact, I have some of their own views. After all, as the focus of the development of a Tencent ten years later, WeChat is indeed a terrible product, it is not only terrible on the basis of the user, more focused on inclusiveness. It has enabled users to form a habit, the frequency of ascension means that WeChat has more user boot, which is based on the basis of WeChat store. But in fact, I want to say is that there are still many aspects of micro business is not mature, in my opinion, it is still a big gap between the Taobao and Taobao, and the possibility of counter attack is not large, the reason is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, WeChat store sales model and sales philosophy to some extent, imitate Taobao, but it can not operate as Taobao sales. Taobao is for all the audience, as long as the opening of the Taobao site, you will be able to shop on Taobao. And WeChat? You need to add a WeChat number. And when you add it, every day you will be endless Shuabing, as everyone tells you, you need to buy clothes, you need to buy the shoes, you need to buy snacks. It can be said that WeChat has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, and even have control of our lives, and such a sense of control is with a certain degree of terror. In comparison, Taobao is selective, it is to enter our lives in a selective manner, it provides convenience to our life, but not mandatory, this feeling is the service type. And there is a habit of people, that is, I hope they are not controlled, but to control, and Taobao can meet our needs in this regard.

at the same time, in the use of the process, Taobao also has practical advantages. Taobao you can find, as long as the importation of certain keywords, you will be able to find their own requirements to meet the baby, and even multiple character input, so you can be more targeted to find. WeChat store? You need to constantly refresh Shuabing can find what you want, from the convenience of operation, Taobao can win. This is not just about buying