Electricity supplier price war channel dispute two or three agents will be eliminated

IT Times reporter Intern Yang Xinjie

may sales season just ended, several major electricity supplier to a new round of price war broke out. Just two days, Tmall, suning.com, Jingdong mall has announced a comprehensive promotion, involving the amount of subsidy of more than 1 billion yuan. But in the flames of war "business promotion war, is doomed to be a" fairy war ", strong big manufacturers or agents may through flexible channel strategy, expand sales or clearing inventory, and are affected was always small and medium-sized agency business does not have the right to speak," the price war will eventually destroy two or three the agent, especially in the field of consumer electronics 3C." Xingchang XinDa chairman Liu Lei had no doubts about his own judgment, but the real change of the traditional channel agent system, probably have to wait until after the business had settled into a price war site.

small manufacturers, agents profit squeeze


took out 200 million yuan subsidy 3C digital appliance sellers; Jingdong mall announced that in May and June two months invested 500 million yuan in profits; suning.com in May 16th to May 18th in 400 million profit amount…… These days, a few big B2C website "price war" publicity for many consumers in the heart of "grass", but for some small and medium-sized appliance manufacturers and two or three agents, it is undoubtedly a bad news".

Jingdong and Su Ningdu asked us to give them the price is low, which makes us very difficult, especially when they are claimed to be the lowest whole network, we have to part of the profits, let us itself is not much lower profits." May 8th, a second tier brand manufacturers to the IT Times reporter tucao.

is even worse in some two or three agents. The traditional offline channels in electronic commerce is not developed when using different regional information difference and the price difference between manufacturers and consumers, has become the logistics platform, financial platform and marketing platform, "some two or three agents earlier than an agent to live well." Liu Lei said that in the early rise of the electricity supplier, many goods are supplied by agents. However, as the business is getting better and better, more and more electricity supplier site selection and manufacturers or suppliers on behalf of the country (an agent), two or three agents living space is gradually being squeezed, the price war began, the electricity supplier is more sensitive to the price of the goods, two or three agents have no special preferential prices, gradually being squeezed out of the supply channels then, after a few years, if not transformation, it is possible to completely disappear."

manufacturers move

and weaker than the small manufacturers or agents, the strategy of large manufacturers will be more flexible. Because the product line is very long, which makes them in response to the electricity supplier for the low cost supply requirements, can fully turn away teng.

is also the official flagship store in the United States, is also a KFR-35GW/DY-IB (R3) model of the air conditioning, in May 9th, "IT times" reporter at the same time