CBC electricity supplier brand e purchase than Taobao Jingdong The only advantage of large consumer

melt e purchase from the real electricity supplier is still far away, at least far from consumers. As for the prospects of the purchase of the E, according to the current play point of view, may be the next livelihood electricity supplier.


hero, e-commerce through the Internet all the way east all-powerful, taking Zhongguancun as the representative of electronic stores and offline stores had no ability to resist, Gome and Suning have to shift online. Not only is the erosion of the line retail by the electricity supplier, even the banks are eating cake crisis, to Alibaba, Jingdong as the representative of the electricity supplier giants have force Internet banking, IOUs, virtual credit cards and Internet banking are competing for consumer credit this fat, to control money supply chain banks really anxious to start.

China’s first line of ICBC recently released the Internet financial brand EICBC, trying to force electricity providers, social communication, direct banking in the three areas of force and Internet Co. Social communication and direct banking, for the banks, a strange one familiar, can make people all know, but many banks have tried the electricity supplier is also worth mentioning.

According to ICBC

news release said, the cosmic line electricity supplier brand financial e purchase on-line for 14 months with 16 million registered users, the cumulative transaction amount exceeded 100 billion yuan, trading volume in ten major domestic electricity supplier list. The annual turnover of nearly billion, is far more than the top ten, which is second only to Alibaba (Taobao + Tmall) and the third level of Jingdong. But the author observed around the various grades and ranks friend did not share the experience in financial e purchase shopping, even if it is not casually said.

check the ALEXA data, the Jingdong daily IP is 29 million 100 thousand, the average daily financial e purchase of IP is 1 million 50 thousand, nearly 30 times the gap, but the two turnover gap only in less than 3 times, it is the conversion of financial e purchase single IP drainage to bring trading amount is nearly 10 times of the Jingdong, according to the result of the former Jingdong official the public had 300 yuan price, under the same conditions the conversion rate of financial e purchase price up to 3000 yuan. But the price of luxury electric Temple library is only 6000 yuan, the price of the purchase of financial e is amazing, but a look at the official website will find tricky: the classification of goods in the first is financial, financial products, brands contain precious metals, insurance, and in the subsequent gold jewelry, here is the automobile and automotive supplies, real estate in the goods list. There is no accident, then, the purchase of a huge amount of financial transactions e should be the insurance and financial products such as car loans and other large consumer loans up.

could have finished on the counter and the official website of the insurance and financial products to sales of electronic business platform, but is a hand game, while holding lending power, need loans to consumers and even dare not from


to melt the current volume of e purchase, which is not likely to be settled in the supply of goods than Jingdong Tmall lower prices of goods, their own commodity richness and flow is far less than the opponent, only by holding funds for