Without the express bootleg behind loose management supervision to be refined

because of a bootleg without express (can not find the sender or recipient) reported repeatedly in a crisis of confidence in the courier industry once again sit on the opinion of the volcano. Recently, CCTV exposure of a number of courier companies inside, said some courier companies to deal with unclaimed express mail is privately sold.

yesterday, a number of courier companies in the first Financial Daily reporters interviewed on the handling of its handling without express made an excuse, but still unclear. For example, for the existence of regulatory blind franchisee without authorization and employee loophole behavior.

industry analysis, in the current courier lost compensation standards are not unified and clear background, do not rule out the courier staff maliciously caused by the courier missing". In fact, for the treatment of rule-based without express, but there is doubt, whether in the courier company due diligence to find customers no fruit under the "act according to circumstances".

express logistics consulting chief consultant Xu Yong told this reporter that the current explosive growth in the amount of courier parcels to cover up the drawbacks of the industry, regulatory mechanisms need to be established as soon as possible or to refine the upgrade.

fuzzy zone

rhyme of the Guangzhou branch of a courier told this reporter, in the courier industry, the problem is a single face of the damaged mail, express goods damaged or damaged packaging mail. Among them, headless mail generally refers to the sender, the recipient information is not mail.

said the courier, courier deal with the way the mail is almost the same, is to hand back to the upper level of the mail transfer station. According to its said, no mail will be retained in the transit station for 3~6 months, during this period, the sender or recipient can contact the transfer station, claiming mail.

a courier company executives said the courier industry every year, probably no head mail accounts for the courier industry lost mail 20%~30%. If every courier company to produce eight single day without the amount of e-mail messages, six months down, you need to occupy a small warehouse.

according to the State Post Bureau of monitoring data, from November 11th to 13 this year, that is, online shopping, double the climax of the period, the National Express daily processing volume exceeded 30 million pieces.

State Post Bureau released 2007 "express service" standards of the postal industry is clear, if not contact the sender and the recipient, in addition to the fragile items, to express to save at least 3 months after the express service provider may, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disposal of the shipment.

to express the loss of compensation, the industry standard said the purchase price (insurance) express, express service organization to be insured (insurance) for the amount of compensation; no purchase price (insurance) express, in accordance with the postal law, the postal law implementation rules and relevant regulations.

newspaper reporter found that the implementation of the postal law found that the relevant argument is to be compensated in accordance with the provisions". < >