B2B B2C website construction feasibility analysis report

how to build a B2B/B2C site? Here we look at the B2B/B2C website construction we should pay attention to the problem;

a B2B/B2C website introduction

1 what kind of B2B/B2C site to build

?What is the purpose, significance and function of

2 to build B2B/B2C website?

What are the long-term and short-term goals of

3 B2B/B2C


two B2B/B2C website market analysis

1 site positioning (what services to provide, what kind of customer? And so on)

2 the current situation and development prospects of such websites

3 features such as the website

three B2B/B2C website construction and maintenance costs

1 website construction fee (divided into self built and outsourcing):

(1) self built website (including staff salaries, equipment loss, rent utilities, etc.)

(2) website outsourcing

2 B2B/B2C website maintenance fee

3 marketing costs (advertising, events, etc.)

four B2B/B2C website benefit analysis

1 possible economic benefits

2 possible social benefits

Risk analysis and avoidance of


1 possible market risk, competitor competition

2 how to avoid risk

six website promotion and market

1 with search engines. Select some well-known search engines, so that users can find the site through a variety of search engines.

2 through online links and advertising promotion.

3 network media publicity and promotion activities planning through traditional media website publicity.

4 other

seven website content and column settings

1 content of the site (including enterprise e-mail, BBS, message thin, website traffic analysis system, online surveys, links, etc.)

2 column settings

What columns are set in


The hierarchical structure of


source and organization of information content

eight website construction technology

1 technology and development tools used

2 technical solutions

nine station timetable

How long does it take to build the

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