The United States and the United States about Jingdong price war self confidence or frustration

tried this year among the top three Gome electricity supplier industry online, can be described as full of energy. To "speed 7", about a Jingdong, even the red van to the Jingdong office downstairs. Jingdong, Alibaba and other giants have begun to force the global purchase, the United States is still keen on the online price war. Price war is undoubtedly a tool to achieve sales growth in the electricity supplier, but in the United States behind the online dedication, is the confidence of the purchase price, or the market share behind the frustration?

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this year, Gome online "4· 18 to promote the theme of" a presumptuous". Gome online chairman Mou Guixian said, Gome online to this year’s "4·"; 18 "into the first half of China largest online shopping Carnival", as the second half of the double 11". Mou Guixian’s "fighting" people can not help but think, this is in line with the first half of the online shopping nodes belong to Jingdong "6·" 18 Shopping Festival challenge.

the fact that the United States online this "sword", has been directed at the Jingdong. Gome online side said that this year the United States online 4· 18 continue parity Jingdong, the price of similar goods sold if higher than Jingdong, will make up for the difference between consumers and pay $300. The Beijing Daily reporter found that compared with a laptop computer, Gome online price of 2999 yuan, the Jingdong for the price of 3149 yuan; Canon (Canon) EOS 70D SLR kit, Gome online also to Jingdong below the $200 price advantage against the Jingdong.


in the face of the United States online Jingdong did not open in a threatening manner, challenge. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong seems, a single price war has been unable to shake the status of Jingdong in the electricity supplier market. In April this year, Jingdong mall announced the promotion of online shopping distribution free mail threshold, compared to the previous standard, the overall up 20 yuan. There are electricity supplier analysts believe that improve the free mail threshold, the electricity supplier platform is the first to fight the price war gradually return to the rational state.

Gome chief financial official Wei said, Gome online GMV last year reached 7 billion 700 million yuan; and according to the Jingdong 2014 annual financial data show that GMV Jingdong last year amounted to 260 billion 200 million yuan. According to the Electronic Commerce Research Report iResearch released earlier showed that in 2014 the domestic self B2C electricity market, Jingdong accounted for 49% market share, occupy the market half of the country; the United States online market share accounted for only 4.5%, only fourth of the industry, before and after comparison, the gap is obvious.

what is the meaning of

price war can bring an increase in sales for a short period of time, but can not solve the problem of supply chain, the user repeat purchase rate, etc., to improve the company’s profit is no significant benefit.

Mou Guixian told the Beijing Daily reporter said, "the price war is a kick in the role of football". Gome online, said in the supply chain, logistics, service and other processes based on the experience of the price