Ali replaced Amazon as the first brand in the retail industry

[global technology reporter Li Wenyao] before the marketing and brand consultancy Millward Brown announced in 2015 the "BrandZ top 100 most valuable global brands" list. Alibaba (the list to Tmall and Taobao brand based) for the first time into the total brand value of $66 billion 400 million in the list with the most valuable brand top thirteenth global retail industry ranked first, at the same time, more than the retail industry ranked second in the Amazon for $4 billion 100 million.

as the brand growth rate ranked second in the retail industry, Alibaba has become the largest contribution to the brand.

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statistics show that the Alibaba with Amazon’s biggest difference lies in its brand from Chinese a country, the brand from Amazon and 12 countries and regions, and even more, from this point of view, Amazon’s international expansion and strength is higher than that of Alibaba.

Brandz global president Wang Xing said that Chinese brands are good at doing short-term PR, but not good at long-term brand strategy planning, which also led to the global influence of Chinese brands has always been difficult to get promoted. Brand building needs long-term investment, planning and training, so as to obtain recognition of the capital market, which is the challenge facing many Chinese brands.