What kind of ads should we put on our website

as a stream of advertisers, I often think about how to use their own traffic flow to get the maximum benefit. Of course, I do not want too much impact on the user experience, but also let advertisers spend money worth.

I tried to do a lot of alliances, here is not a single evaluation, only to say about Ali mother. Personally think that the mother of Ali is suitable for the owners to do the ideal, the general price, and advertising and website content does not match accurately, so often click rate is not high. But after all, Ali mother is not the traditional sense of the alliance, she is a platform, as long as the quality of your web site is good enough, then do some traffic, advertising to sell well, it will not have to worry about food and clothing.

next is the focus of this article.

said pure collection station. Because the flow rate mainly depends on the search engine, the visitor is not fixed, the main is to do some minor league pop and Se click advertising, what, nine wins propaganda easy looking, easy put on the line. Movie station is still relatively good to do this I do not have to say SP.

say regular site. Advertising advertisers in our station (whether through alliance or direct trading, and owners must hope to get return), they are investment, not to burn.

In fact, many advertisers are also

website owners, they promote the site after site traffic, then by all means of profit, profit is collect membership fee (such as dating sites), charging fees (such as online virtual property trading platform), here we only see them as advertisers to discuss.

I divide advertisers into two categories.

is the first to sell services.

second is to sell products.

I think, the ultimate advertisers, should be selling products. This product is generalized, not necessarily physical, may be clothes, jewelry, computer, can also be game cards, mobile phone and so on (Q coins, also looks like a service product…… ).

what kind of advertising on our site is better? It is necessary to analyze their own user base.

take my "wheat pig", I hope to be the game class CPC (click on the billing), CPM (according to the amount of billing). Why? This is a trial, analysis, summary, I think it is appropriate.

I miss some billing station according to the effect of advertising, such as installing Kingsoft, cool music box, as well as per sales, although the weekend day IP reached 10000, the income may be 2-3 yuan. Later, the analysis, because the pig pig, the main visitors between the ages of 14-30 years old, but 15-18 years accounted for a large proportion. This is generally 15-18 years old group of children in Internet cafes, will install Kingsoft strange. Install koowo some, after all home conditions are good to buy a computer, and the children love to listen to new songs. As per sales >

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