And on the double eleven

would like to "double eleven" is only at University single students, since Taobao is borrowing, "double eleven" has become a universal shopping carnival. Every November, the electronic commerce Chinese will usher in a blowout, and between the appliance providers will not stop the war of words. Eleven even if such and such is not, in China electricity supplier industry big development under the background of the natural formation of the shopping festival, have strong social influence and vitality, the future will be further developed, and will develop more healthy.


before discussing the topic, we first introduce the next eleven double play in 2015

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2015 double eleven discount list address

of course, analysis, a lot of people think that there are over eleven double

1, a big promotion, harass the people and waste money

some people think that the many businesses together for a large capacity in a day of sales, caused a huge waste of material and financial resources, the seller packaged and shipped overnight delivery, buyer orders to grab a single night fighting, night loading transport logistics delivery, the whole society has entered into the golden week holiday after the intense pace of the society the cost is huge, but The loss outweighs the gain.

Tucao: it should also be canceled before the Spring Festival!

2, savings for several months, suppress consumption

to some consumers in a double eleven this day to buy their favorite cheap goods, often before a very long time not less shopping or shopping, the consumer online shopping market depression can cause fluctuations, even from the whole to reduce the total annual e-commerce shopping.

Tucao: look at the annual growth rate of electricity supplier turnover data, repression is there, but where there is repression where there is resistance, the greater the resilience of resistance.

3, false price, cheat buyers

can not be denied, there will be a bad business to take this opportunity to cheat, the most typical is the usual price to raise up and then discount, and even consumers found that some goods double eleven promotion is more expensive than usual. This is a false market to stimulate the sale of outrageous.

Tucao: a rotten soup is possible, but it also took the children to the bath water should be drained,? We can also see that the business of the false price behavior has to do.