Domestic domain name registrar choose which

just a friend asked me which of the domain name service provider of good quality, raised a lot of questions.

in this TanCee also according to their own experience to write out for everyone to refer to.

take CN domain name (COM and CN domain name is no different, are the total agent, distribution agent, DNS server)

domestic CN domain name top agents are:

Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd

Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd. (and China Enterprise Technology Group shares of a company)

Beijing new network technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong times Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Chinese business network Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Resources Network Service Co., Ltd.

Xiamen 35 Internet Polytron Technologies Inc (and China channel a company)

renamed Xiamen Network Technology Co. Ltd.

we saw a lot of it is found in Xiamen, Xiamen domain name registration has become a business circle, most of the domain name is also there. So, you have the value of the domain name or looking for Xiamen people, but they are not two. No people are also ~~

The most common

is the new network, new network, network interconnection. We went to the CNNIC domain name registration records to see.

then the DNS server which is fast? Which DNS server domain name stable? Which price is good?

in general, it is not necessary for individuals to go to the top of these agents to register, the price you can not afford. Of course, stability is not to say. Their CN domain name most of the price in the 100-500 yuan between 100 yuan to buy nets of course such as 1 to send 19, is actually buy 20. However, the domain name needs so much? Now it seems that there is nothing to fry the domain name, the best domain name and had been bought in 2005. It seems that there is no chance for you to speculate on Google, but you should wait for the fifty million prize. (*^__^*) hee hee……. TanCee tells you that you need to know is English, living in the United States or understand the United States, the most important is to understand the development of the Internet, can get such an opportunity, of course you can wait to make a beauty.