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in the current China business market, you do not know if the rebate network is OUT. Although there is no giant electricity supplier, Tmall, Jingdong, Sue beauty loaded marketing and profits, ultra low price is not the twin brother of the group purchase of heart, but from 2006 the first batch of China rebate network in the rise of the rebate network to achieve a self profit and development imperceptibly.

only for the return of net as an example, in 2008 at the beginning of the creation of the return network by virtue of their innovative sales model to win the market, and profitable, gave more than and 800 partners to 400 million yuan in 2011 sales of about the 150 person team, and in 2012 their target is 1 billion 500 million yuan, now have a capacity of 4 million users.

maybe the data did not impress readers, because we used to see Chinese electric change radically, feeling the rebate network appeared like a IT migrant workers, occasionally to earn a little money, but not enough to chengqihou. But the fact is this really the case? Group purchase in 2010 that very sound, burn enclosure, do promotion, people and so on, only in 2010 2000 new home, but in the first half of 2011 is increased to 5650, but later? Industry outlook is bleak, group purchase website have been closed down, people only the loss of market share. Has been divided up, currently only the U.S. group, handle and jumei.com group purchase website a few remain profitable, in high Jingdong, where the customer, cash flow difficulties, a series of problems, IPO executives quit abortion also let us have a headache. Behind these business competition is change radically, the rebate site 12 per year% growth rate, see that you still think that the rebate enough to chengqihou?

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bright data and stable, rebate website also faces many problems, such as the core competitiveness in which. These problems are not solved in time, it will play a role in obstructing the days after the rebate website development.

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as everyone knows, the management method is based on the rebate website and business cooperation, to guide cooperation website consumption flow through similar intermediary navigation mode, so as to earn a commission. Although this model only requires the rebate website play as the role of the tour guide, but it is undeniable that the development of the rebate website need only rely on the support of business cooperation. After all, the development performance of the overall site need to rely on cooperation business commitments, the other party can give rebate site enough profit space, so we can use the low price, rebate website etc. flash sale for the biggest consumer groups, if merchants suck, excessive immediate value, so the development of the rebate website said of an aged person.

and with the development of social media, word of mouth marketing success, has the brand effect of the increasingly mature, some with the rebate website to win over the customer’s electricity supplier giant began to withdraw, and the Jingdong is the most representative example. Jingdong June