The bank Wade really trying to do business

recently, Taobao’s annual sales of over one trillion of news in the industry caused no small sensation, which indicates that China’s e-commerce development speed has been far beyond the imagination of the people of. Soon after this, came to the banks to wade through electronic business news, have to say this is a surprising news. The bank wading in the eyes of many people in this business? How much is not reliable, although the domestic electricity supplier is still in the growth stage, but the overall pattern of the electricity supplier has gradually become clear. 80% of the domestic electricity supplier market share is dominated by several giants, the rest are also some small business platform to carve up. If the banks involved in the field of electricity providers in the way of their special status, and the pattern of the market uncertainty, banks getting involved in the middle Poxian embarrassment. So it seems that banks in the field of electricity providers really do not have any benefits.

but there are also some friends agree to bank Wade electricity supplier, because the bank itself has a strong financial strength and a huge customer database. In the electricity supplier has a natural advantage, after all, online shopping has a bank card, but there are people who do not have a bank card online shopping. If the bank will be able to fully tap the potential of these customers online shopping, then the domestic electricity supplier will be another scene.


bank do electricity supplier reason

electricity supplier for the bank to fly or not, it is too early to conclude. So, why should the bank choose at this time to do the electricity supplier? We might as well together to understand some of the reasons for the bank to do electricity supplier.

we all know, after the bank has been maintained good relations of cooperation with Alibaba, including major business platform, and especially in the bank and Ali Small and micro businesses loans are the most typical. Although the previous cooperation has been good, but with the expansion of the electronic business platform and rely on the development of small and micro enterprises to survive the platform, the problem is also more prominent lending difficulties.


is cooperation between the bank and the business platform but the pattern is still the traditional lending model, still need to take a mortgage, guarantee or even guarantee etc., and the bank for Small and micro businesses accumulated on the network’s credibility has not completely trust. So only rely on the traditional credit model is difficult to meet the demand Small and micro businesses credit, so that cooperation between the two sides of the cold.

, however, the bank said it was because Ali had hoped to get a share of the loan interest on the bank. Although each have their own say, but this thing on both sides of the stimulus is quite large. Soon after Ali will get a small loan license, start their own small and micro enterprise loan business. The bank is also fully aware of the tide in the electricity supplier, his position began to become precarious.

so, the bank was determined to get involved in the field of electricity providers, not only to make money for a card.

bank involved in the electricity supplier’s profit model


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