The National Day is not the Taobao App has been replaced with 11 new clothes

news September 30th, there are 1 days from October, National Day before, Taobao has started to tell consumers, "loud" double 11 is coming.

yesterday, many users have found that Taobao updated the App icon, compared with the original icon, the new icon to increase the text "11.11", located in the Amoy below the word.

, however, the current Taobao seems to be only in the App icon to do the article, App pages, other logo temporarily unchanged.

According to

billion state power network to understand, many users found that Taobao App icon changes, a Tucao sound.

users have expressed fear, this is not October yet… Taobao icon on how the double 11, scared I thought through"……

users have cried poor, "before the end of September, Taobao put the icon plus eleven???? and?", "Taobao update icon actually with a pair of 11, this is to remind me this money, stop buying things, the double 11" save money ". Word day, inadvertently glanced at the mobile phone, the Taobao icon has been with 11.11, so this is a month to begin to save the earth?!!"……

, of course, there are users that have begun to be excited, Taobao icon is not the same. Look. Double eleven is coming…. Excited ah!"……

and the user said, "Taobao! You are always so easy to influence harmony, do you know?"



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