Secretary for commerce and ndustry trading platform to bear responsibility for the shop

NetEase Francisco March 9th news, today the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao to respond to the media about the investigation after the administration of industry and Commerce about the price of Ali said in today, SAIC is actively promoting the legislation of electronic commerce, but the third party trading platform to shop real responsibility, strengthen self-discipline and internal supervision.

Zhang also said that the fact that fake and shoddy people are very concerned about the issue, involving everyone’s interests, but also related to the protection of intellectual property rights. Internet trading platform to assume an important responsibility, network trading is not outside the law, but also to do in accordance with the law and rules, but also to talk about integrity, credibility, but also to safeguard the interests of consumers. For example, consumer protection law stipulates that the goods can be returned within seven days without reason, except for fresh food, etc..

is the following:

Beijing Youth Daily reporter BYD

: the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has issued a "the second half of 2014 directional network transaction monitoring results, Taobao was 37%, a dispute between the Alibaba and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has since then. Ask the director Zhang, whether there is a contradiction between the principle of Internet enterprise development and supervision system in online shopping has become a new social norm today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be in the online shopping market norms take what new measures


Zhang Mao: the development of the Internet quickly, really change people’s idea, also changed people’s way of life, breaking the space concept, making the world smaller, like online trading is a new format, and the rapid development of. Last year, the number of online shopping statistics we reached 27898 billion, achieved social commodity retail sales of consumer goods of the 10%, that is to say, our daily consumption of 10% is through online shopping to, but also to increased at a rate of 30%-40%.

online shopping is really convenient for consumers to promote consumption. Many of my friends here to participate in the online shopping, I also participated in the online shopping. Especially our business also made a consumer point, such as "double 11", in 2013 reached 35 billion, accounting for the national day of the total retail sales of consumer goods 50%; in 2014 reached 57 billion, accounting for the total daily consumer goods 70%. We all feel that online shopping is very convenient. But there are also some new problems online shopping. Because it breaks the time and space, not on the scene, so there was hype, such as counterfeit products are more and more difficult to return goods and other issues, the business sector in dealing with these problems, complaints and disputes of consumers in terms of difficulty is relatively large.

for this new format, new business models, how to better promote the development of its specification, which is indeed a new problem faced by government regulators and enterprises. I think we have done a lot of work in this area, and the government has done a lot of work. As far as I know, the relevant Internet companies, electricity supplier companies themselves have made great efforts, but these problems still exist.

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