Online shop 15 days net profit of 1000 yuan

as a novice, I often see some old shopkeeper experience. Benefit! Now, I would like to open their own shop for a month to share the feelings and everyone. At the same time as a diary, as the store opened another mileage.

first, we would like to share with you a month to shop my achievements: part-time shop 15 days, net profit reached 1000 yuan, up 1 months to 3, the credibility of the heart. Perhaps for other buyers this is nothing, but for me this novice is already excited! ^_^

the opening date of my shop was specially selected in 2008 of the year of February 7th, which is in the beginning of the month. Because last year is my year of fate, hey! Fortunately last year is a year of fate red, very happy! Think of the use of waste heat in the year of fate to make a new step, the year of the rat. So, I opened the shop [] Oracle in this booming day in


shop on the choice of goods, for me personally, there is not a lot of money, so can not open the clothing store. So I according to their own hobbies, opened this specialized in the design of the work [Oracle] business parade space-time. Because the design is a mental work, so the payment of funds is almost No. It’s a good choice for my lack of money. Coupled with their own professional in the University and for some large enterprises to do the design advantages, but also to learn a lot of college students and experts in design. So my creativity has also been a positive response to them, have helped me to assist Oracle shop planning and design.

I was thinking is to let the network can be close to life, close to the masses. So the beginning of the store to repair the product, business card design, seal design, resume, cover design, etc.. Five days ago (first to fifth) for promotions, special offers are 1 yuan, also launched a number of promotions, such as: "where to buy in the shop goods totaled 50 yuan customers can 1 preferential design products I shop free (design, label, sign character name card Banner, Logo, banner, personal seal, photo effects etc.. ) ", and" where to buy the store similar products 10-19 customers, is free to the design of the similar products 1; where to buy the store similar products 20-29 customers will be free in the design of the similar products, these 3 "also attracted a lot of customers as long as you can make the design! Good at these customers, you repeat it produced! This is the development of an important guarantee to your store.

eleventh days in the shop, I took advantage of the purchase of a $150 Taobao shop to increase popularity. In fact, it is for the novice, I think the shop is also a risk to buy shop. But it is to ensure the rapid appreciation of the shop. Like I was mainly engaged in the design, Wang shop set up and gave me a lot of opportunities for personality modification. This allows me to use their own expertise, the decoration of their own appearance, to attract more customers!

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