Eight network cloud hosting activities to cloud the breath of the world was

May 10th, the eight network launched a double cloud host I limited flash sale activities, for cloud hosting in 15 minutes sold out, a lot of money in advance of the scheduled user orders can not be completed within the stipulated time. Should be the strong demand of many users, our company will be open again on the 22 limited edition cloud hosting activities, please look forward to!

eight Hongkong cloud: let the webmaster popular

Although the

IDC industry entering the Internet industry for dragons and fishes jumbled together, small and medium enterprises, in the choice of the host will often compare the value of IDC service price, and service to choose a satisfactory IDC business is the biggest goal of every webmaster.

to facilitate access to the site, many owners will choose to free space for the record, so as to save a lot of time and service server. Free record space for most of the owners are a high cost.

with cloud computing technology into the IDC market, many outstanding independent IDC business development, a time cloud hosting market fast. Eight degree network using the technical advantages over the years and the accurate understanding of the needs of the market, have launched a variety of requirements to meet the needs of the owners of cloud products, sales have been in the industry leading position. It is worth mentioning that Hongkong cloud host, with free record, independent IP features, more let owners love! The event launched heavy cloud hosting in panic buying activities in Hongkong.

eight degree cloud host May 33rd event notice:

activity 1: full cloud host (except special) to buy a one-time delivery of 4 months in January, paid to send for a period of 3 months;

activity 2: limited reserve price to buy 20 high-end cloud hosting

May 22nd morning 10 a.m. (20 minutes end) Hongkong cloud host I price 1706 yuan / year limited price spike 1198 yuan / year

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