The air or pit agricultural business

"do you think I should enter the agricultural business?" from 2013, Ali began the layout of rural electricity supplier, Taobao is popular in rural areas until 2014, to Ali thousand million rural county plans to carry out like a raging fire, behind all this, everyone can feel a hidden undercurrent oncoming.

first let’s talk about the concept of Internet plus, the first to do a textual research on the origin of. Firstly, Internet plus should be Ma Huateng, and is the three consecutive year, put this thing, the peak valley is certainly in the word Premier Li Keqiang cited in the report of the Internet plus. A good horse with a good saddle, used in Internet plus is exactly, has three thousand years of history of the agricultural country, facing the Internet, is the air or Hang Hau? Take the traditional agricultural, priceincreases has become the norm, whether this intervention can change the agricultural business or some of the more direct. What farmers can get much benefit?

can break the terminal price maximum profits of farmers

in 2015, can be said to be the first year of agricultural electricity supplier, whether the giants of the layout of rural electricity supplier or

The rise of

emerging agricultural electricity supplier, it seems we are targeting the agricultural means of production of this piece of blue ocean, but behind the bustling and how many truly benefit? More and more enterprises seem to follow the pace of the city electricity supplier giants, even the slogan to show the form of musicians, big horn, like the farmer you should receive such publicity, not to say what the user experience.

some of the agricultural platform to a certain extent, to break the traditional agricultural wholesale distribution pattern, has a certain price advantage, but the lowest price is only likely to come from the flat sales channels, is set up a county service station of agricultural business platform, the model does not have the township, revolutionary. The channel is still increase links. This pattern seems to have just concluded Huaquanxiutui, reach the hands of farmers of agricultural prices is only a small talk. If you want to really let the farmers get low prices of agricultural products, it must be rid of the interests of some people, the dealer is then the inevitable, but most of the electricity supplier in the agricultural market, the characteristics of the regional agricultural protection makes these giants are too afraid to pressure prices, is also the so-called strong Dragon don’t pressure to bow. Relatively speaking, beans net "platform + wisdom agricultural service station + farmers" mode of operation, relying on the powerful advantages of self logistics, establish a direct wisdom agricultural service station at the village level, direct services to farmers, rural areas can not only solve the last mile logistics problem, and makes the farmers to buy the most affordable agricultural products to manufacturers delivery price.


agricultural chain closed loop is the core competitiveness of

, according to Sina Finance reported on December 30, 2014, the composition of China’s agricultural market mainly for seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. Haitong Securities Research Report shows that these three >

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