nventory of domestic shopping sharing model

we all know, with the outbreak of pinterest, shopping sharing sites in the country is also developing in full swing, so far, the country should have hundreds of shopping sharing sites, and each has its own characteristics.


platform currently shopping sharing sites still face Taobao, while Taobao also face more taobao.com ladies, Taobao dress collocation skill, many friends together to share their shopping experience, mining Taobao store.

below we will take a look at the major domestic shopping site comparison:

1, mogujie.com said the beautiful, (http://s.www.meilishuo.com, http://s.www.mogujie.com): beauty should be done early domestic shopping sharing website (why not say is the earliest? Because the shell network pioneer earlier), did not get what the big development, but with the United States over the outbreak of pinterest, mogujie.com said, beautiful all of a sudden fire up, no way, it’s a shocking visual pinterest waterfall flow pattern. At present, Taobao, said mogujie.com’s annual revenue of 10, tens of thousands of people, for entrepreneurs, is a very powerful figure. But beautiful, mogujie.com also has a fatal shortcoming, that is easy to touch the ceiling, because the information is too fast, too much junk information, time for a long time, there is no difference with the Taobao market. So it is beautiful to say, mogujie.com should be the most important thing is to control the quality, rather than the pursuit of quantity.


, LC style network (http://s.linkchic.com): first of all, I appreciate the founder Mara, by the editor of the shopping guide website into a magazine, said that the taste of the noisy bazaar style is much higher than beauty. But the human cost of this model is too high, too high demand for innovation, which is a great challenge for mara. Of course, as a fashion editor for many years, I am not very difficult.

(http://s.www.guang.com): 3, visiting the former Alipay designer white crow products. With the Mara style similar, is edited by the editors of products for users to browse, or comment on this basis, the white crow also upgraded to the first, is the shopping plot mode is that all the products it into a plot to have to say, this is a bright spot. But in our view, the white crow model is very good, but the product direction seems to choose, because his product looks more like a supermarket, instead of shopping, if clothing and shoes, it becomes the mall, you say


4, Daren sinks (http://s.www.darenhui.com): will share and parity shopping together, this should be said to be very innovative, but also their own more optimistic about a model.

5, Bei

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