Leveraging Ali Beijing Suning double sales this year to break the 30 billion

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong’s 2016 sales target to exceed the sum of Suning and Gome, ignited the war between the big three this year. Yesterday, general manager of Beijing Suning Bian farmers in the company’s annual strategy conference, Beijing Suning this year to complete the double sales exceeded 30 billion yuan, O2O full channel growth target of 40%. Su ningyun this year will be accelerated in the layout of the line at the same time, online and Alibaba to deepen cooperation, and expected to launch suning.com independent channel in March.


last August, Su ningyun announced a partnership with Alibaba, triggered earthquakes industry, this year, the cooperation between the two sides further fermentation. North China’s Su Ningyun deputy general manager Che Hongliang said that over the past year, Su ningyun and Alibaba in payment platform docking, the introduction of traffic, data sharing and other areas of a common. Bian farmers said that Suning plans in March Alibaba business platform to launch suning.com independent channels, and the introduction of Su Ninghong children, LAOX, Suning and other brands to enter the supermarket. At the same time, suning.com will launch customer service service management platform, docking platform for Tmall electric, 3C, all businesses life appliance customer service service. Some analysts have pointed out that, different from the current suning.com flagship in Taobao, Tmall store in the form of independent electricity supplier channels, the flow of resources advantage will help suning.com with Alibaba business platform, accelerate drainage.

in the O2O layout, Suning has opened in Beijing last year, Lenovo bridge Ciyunsi two Su Ningyun shop. Bian farmers said, this year, Beijing Suning will accelerate the cloud landing plan to open a new store, Sijiqing, Liangxiang, Tongzhou, Xihongmen 4 cloud store simon. At the same time, Beijing Suning also plans to build 3 more than 2000 square meters of red children physical stores, expand the line of maternal and child experience. Bian farmers said, Suning this year will be in the three or four level city layout 1500 outlets, which in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region will open 132 outlets.

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