Financial supermarket who controls the contention of a hundred schools of thought

while all sectors of society on the "electronic commerce" express, online trading is done when the booming financial business, the financial industry in the emergence of new terminology: financial supermarket, the audience may not be familiar, but also can realize the electronic trading platform for online sales, to provide one-stop financial services the supermarket.

with the development of the industry, the increase of financial products, the progress of the society, people demand diversification, personalization, financial supermarket came into being, the only period of product and service integration and gradually improve the innovation into a set of deposit and loan, consulting, agency and other functions of the financial supermarket. It has greatly changed people’s idea and mode of financial management, but problems still exist, due to the long lines like, waiting for a long time, the business complex, telephone direct spread, the asymmetry of information, there is no professional consultation, to solve the financial needs of people’s credit crisis and many other factors were not all.

online financial supermarket based on absorbing the advantages of the financial supermarket, according to the needs of people, are all from the multi function expansion, in technology, model, product portfolio, user experience, convenience, safety and other aspects of innovation and improvement, when consumers enter, from finance, foreign exchange, credit card, car, house loans to insurance, bonds, and other financial laws and tax needs can be met. The most important is the rich hot cutting-edge financial information, gathered a number of financial institutions, the main products ranking, new PK, the real user reviews, financial experts one-on-one counseling, online transaction security and interface platform and mechanism, online service and customer service for 24 hours, and truly let you achieve the perfect one-stop financial service.

is the financial supermarket, you can use Baidu Search, copied the hottest Sina financial supermarket, global capital’s financial supermarket, purse net, money, financial supermarket around the city, the financial network financial supermarket channel, and that is about to launch a similar platform and, etc..

is now in a wealth of information superiority and the huge high-quality user groups the hegemony of the Sina, the supermarket was started, the market is not mature, the experience is not rich, mode of unproven, supermarket user fails to accumulate, coupled with the particularity of financial products, trading threshold, high amount of products related to the security of online transactions. The online payment mode, online transactions loopholes, web service is not perfect and so many reasons to let those proficient in the business of traditional financial service providers are not immediately admitted, development still need time.

for global capital’s financial supermarket, relatively professional, clear pattern: BTC; rich content, covering information, public financial products (from the financial, credit card, credit, automobile, housing, insurance, bonds, and other intermediary) product line, on line shopping guide, preferential prices, evaluation reasonable; Forum (Information, product, PK, ranking, blog, consultation, discussion); humanized operation; comprehensive and thoughtful service, financial.

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