Taobao com linkage nine ministries to implement or eliminate millions of fake shop

yesterday, China largest retail network platform and Taobao announced the nine ministries of the state comprehensive linkage, further to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, and announced in 2011 will continue to invest 200 million of funds for consumer protection. This is the first time by the national nine ministries jointly platform providers to combat fake online shopping, will contribute to the survival of millions of sellers of the size of the network.

yesterday, Yang Hongfeng of vice director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce market regulation division said, the implementation of online commodity trading and related services from July 1st last year to now since the administration of industry and Commerce in several provinces have established the supervision platform, industry and commerce administration supervision platform in this year is expected to fully completed.

yesterday, Taobao released the 2011 consumer protection plan, announced in 2011 will continue to invest 200 million of funds for the online shopping consumer escort in 2010 based on the consumer protection fund billion yuan. At the same time, a monthly release of a white paper on consumer protection, consumer protection to the public.

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