The traditional electricity providers etc Wangzhuan network entrepreneurs will push into derivativ

for a long time did not share, notice last night today will release the root of WeChat related articles! Many people reflect very strong, just look forward to dry cargo, feel shy, not too much of this article is to play more dry cargo, wind vane significance, because of the efforts of far less choice to

!Two things

the two months of the fire: the stock market and micro business, your stock? I don’t play, too exciting, like today it fell, I was more suitable for practical things! Besides derivative, classmates, colleagues, peers, family or friends almost spared, behind the brutal growth must have its truth, my attitude to the micro business is from the beginning of the revulsion of contempt, then try to contact, until now the accept and start into a large number of


witnessed and witnessed the development of this line, I think it is time to start a large-scale march micro business

I contact the micro business is divided into two kinds: recruit agent model and violence products retail

bidding agent model I didn’t practice, so there is no right to speak what method can only express my feelings and previous articles about what one sees and hears, inside some fur theory, want to see to see my space before the diary! A little but you can be sure: the generation mode, if you want to make money, either to develop their own brand development agency (grassroots can do little, high threshold); or take big brands, a total generation agent (similar to Buzhu Si Han beam etc.)! 80% bottom agent below are.

what I said is not completely fodder to earn, but earn a little money goods stockpile, the actual real profits than a single weight loss products earn more

! Understand?

of course, how much profit is the person, if we do in the circle of profits, ten thousand dollars a month is the entry-level, even entry-level are not up to, but this income on housewives, white-collar, start-up white body, this is pretty good income! (it is said that the 500 thousand Si Bu group agent, 80% are young woman data not allowed, I a lot of university high school female students are doing, almost no man, woman change the micro business pattern, ha ha)

Then the

derivative bidding agency model, whether we do or not, the answer is of course to do, now there are many traditional companies have started to enter the micro business, my advice is to do the most of the above a number! But compared to the bidding agency model, I prefer micro retail business


a lot of people may not know the micro business and retail such a statement, we all feel that the micro business is to recruit agents, but more profitable, is the micro products retail business profits! I say retail, is not for you to do a small agency, and then to their friends and relatives to sell some facial mask, eye cream, soap what! But with WeChat to send a single product sales profits,


profiteering and why it is profiteering, I do this line for five years, the most admired of the play is: quality flow channels into one million years of profiteering products

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