Q war triggered at any moment mobile providers must seize potential

Between the Alibaba and the Tencent

managed to temporarily cease-fire, but with the mobile Internet once again become the competition between the major giants of the battle between Alibaba and Tencent in the Highlands, finally began a new round of fighting, which is obviously to cut mobile providers by WeChat. In the traditional network electricity supplier in the field, although the Tencent is patted the bright younger generation but never to Taobao, a threat, but in the mobile internet terminal entrance, Alibaba clearly felt the Tencent’s murder.

because the entrance of mobile network is often application based on mobile network, Tencent are now holding two mobile Internet entrance to Alibaba threatened jack, WeChat started Q user scale enough to make any Internet giants feel the crisis, if the mobile Internet traffic sources by Tencent to control absolute advantage, so the layout of the mobile Internet the Alibaba will cause serious risk. Ali now has a Sina micro-blog, but the current trend of development, but apparently Sina micro-blog WeChat.

For Ali

mobile entrance defeat

maybe in the flow entrance for the Alibaba, absolutely not strong, actually this point from the traditional network operators, Ali no traffic on the network to do established traffic advantages to Ali in construction, if challenged the words, Taobao still do Tencent. It is in the flow of construction of the disadvantaged, so Ali entrance building at the end of the mobile Internet also feel the pressure, Ali cloud system wants to take advantage of the Android system entrance, but with Google’s clamor for infringement, let Ali cloud soon become aubergine withered. Out of a more prominent role, more or the use of third party cooperation, especially the launch of the Taobao

now invested heavily in the acquisition of sina micro-blog, because WeChat is eroded, in the mobile Internet traffic entrance began to become more not withstand scrutiny, many industry insiders believe that the Alibaba has now become the most urgent purchase of PPTV Internet predators, because only in the Ali feel fully mobile threat to WeChat brings, so Ali must find the means of breakthrough in the flow entrance, so the video is obviously a very key breakthrough.


or cut Hu


but also have a very sharp weapon, that is Alipay, especially after the launch of the balance of treasure in Alipay this year, sparked the 2013 Internet financial storm, Ali also coerced the storm immediately launched in the mobile terminal payment wallet, in order to open up the mobile Internet business payment integration mode, now Alipay is the opening of the community, open public account, to achieve seamless and business platform, this model is clearly better than the WeChat business plan more avant-garde and urgent, so it is Ali’s products fully shielded WeChat, affect the WeChat electricity supplier strategy, after all, based on the Tencent business platform attractive or not so strong.

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