Behind Taobao brush single profits easy to cure difficult symptoms

both Jingdong and Taobao are after the explosion of malicious brush single, electricity supplier sales data fraud phenomenon more and more attention, in fact, Taobao brush is already an open secret. Not only the sales data fraud, as well as the baby’s praise also exists fraud. Generation brush sales, on behalf of the brush reputation has become an underground industry, as far as I know, there are so many teams do Taobao brush business. The customer is aimed at those small sellers, especially just opened Taobao store near the small shop. No sales, no credibility, baby quality is also very difficult to buy someone, so many Taobao sellers are beginning to find someone to brush sales and reputation.

said some of the professional team brush single profit to hundreds of thousands, is indeed worthy of the name of the profiteering industry, Taobao platform, small sellers, brush single team, the three party has formed a chain of interest. And the use of brush single members are mostly part-time staff, such as college students, leisure workers, etc.. Usually through the QQ group to complete the brush single task, perhaps a lot of friends have encountered similar groups. The average number of each brush a few dollars to about a dozen dollars, but due to the large number of small sellers Taobao online, so enough to feed a large brush brush single person or team, brush is also about skills and experience.

why Taobao malicious brush repeated phenomenon, there are two main reasons: first, from a technical point of view, it is difficult to really put an end to Taobao single brush phenomenon. Brush single member from all over the country, different IP, different accounts, and different time periods. Can be disguised as a general Taobao sellers, although Taobao officials have been trying to set up a legal system to stop the brush single behavior, but it is a little bit of thunder and rain, it seems that the effect is not obvious. Now there are still a lot of Taobao baby sales is brush up, professional brush team has sufficient account resources can be used.

Taobao single brush phenomenon of flooding a lot of harm, the long term is sure to make the user lose confidence in the platform, in fact, many online shopping consumers are aware of Taobao’s baby sales volume of water. Even a lot of good news is true, compared with Jingdong, Taobao is really too few genuine. Believe that before the explosion of nearly 60% of the fake is not false, but Jingdong has also been broke official brush alone, so it is also a step in the fifty step laugh. Electricity supplier data fraud to deceive consumers, if it can not be managed and supervised, then it is bound to gradually lose users.

electronic business platform and Taobao sellers need to pay attention to integrity, brush out the sales and reputation in addition to deceive consumers, there is no other meaning. This phenomenon has long been the majority of users to see through, so just to get a single brush ranking in Taobao online. Finally, propose a, or to be careful when online shopping, do not just look at the baby sales, to prevent fraud.

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