Taobao store network red business beautiful young millions of fans

two days ago, the national husband Wang Sicong stir fried a girl. However, before the couple with a few rumored girlfriend, the network on the girl’s praise of the sound, the reason is: the United States and their ability to make money. Allegedly, the girl is a net red (referred to as the web), with a "money lady" of the Taobao store, only three years, annual sales of 200 million yuan. Her personal micro-blog has about 800000 fans, comparable to the stars.

network will be a fan of millions of purchasing power

a net red, really can have so much money effect? Yesterday, many red net gathered in Shanghai revealed their business. These red, including Zhao Daxi Zhao Yan, Cai Zhenni, and her husband and etc..

take Zhao exultation, in addition to two people with her husband’s micro-blog fans to reach the outside of the 300 thousand, currently has a factory of the people of 100. With the factory, from the design, production, model to the late production, two people can finish. The factory is only about 1/3 of the daily needs of the store. How to better achieve the capital of such a beautiful time to open it? Taobao is undoubtedly the fastest and most direct way." Zhao Yan said.

, on the face of it, appears to have earned almost as much as other crown sellers. But in reality, the Reds model must have stronger competitiveness than ordinary people mode. Behind hundreds of millions of sales, is on the order of millions of fans in social media. In fact, the growth path of network are quite similar to the Red: a beautiful young fashion Master as representative, with the Reds taste and vision as the leading of selection and visual promotion, gathered popularity on social media, relying on a large group of fans for targeted marketing, which will be the fans into purchasing power. Is really a side of the United States, while making money.

Taobao’s top ten women’s clothing store has a network of red

Taobao clothing industry operation director in Tang and Song dynasties that the main competitive mode in reds selection ability (high fashion, quick response to market), a low cost test (low inventory, high profit, low cost (promotion) of its own traffic, does not depend on the activity, and fan loyalty high).

from the supply chain, the conventional model generally: selection, a new, flat pin, business flow, discounts, and red net model is: a kind of clothing to beat the United States according to fans, comments pick popular style play version, production, officially added to the Taobao store. In the case of ready-made fabrics, this cycle takes only a week or so, fans can wear the same red.

it is reported that Taobao platform has more than 1000 stores network red. 2014 "double 11", the top ten women in the shop shop sales accounted for seven seats for the Reds; part of the store when the Reds new turnover can be broken million, no less than the performance of some well-known clothing brand.

of course, the red cross network has its own "life cycle". Zhao Yan believes that the development of the network is connected to the form of design oriented

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