Ali’s control of the double eleven weakened it Did not

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Shuhang Li

in this year experienced double after 11, and then look back at some of the 11 people before the double worry, may feel as if a generation had passed.

at that time, people are worried that this year there will be a large number of 11 users will be drained to other electricity providers, because the past year, a vertical electricity supplier, micro business, the rise of the sea Amoy, Ali in the double eleven users choose other home.

11 has been registered as a trademark, and once that other competitors are not allowed to use the word saying that Ali was once thought to realize double 11 results and not an exclusive, the market may be divided. Later, Jingdong sued Ali forced businesses to choose 1 of the time, the time has opened a flagship store in a number of platforms at the same time, have to get rid of all options except Tmall. A moment seems to be another 3Q war to be staged in front of us.


until the dust settles, the answer has been seen. Jingdong will not disclose the GMV after the transaction or earnings, even in the earnings will only disclose the corresponding part of the revenue. This can be understood as the Jingdong model is cash on delivery, so the number of orders can not directly have statistical significance. Because of this, there may not be a suitable method, let people take two Jingdong and Ali compared until 10 pm on two party in double the performance of 11.

consumers see a land advertising party, I think every possibility is very small, most people still want to shake a little red more benefits, then the ratings will be directly reflected by the consumer is more inclined to the platform. Tmall and Jingdong from the comparison of the two parties do not see, Jingdong’s party is not competitive, is crushed into slag.

I think, as we see in the water cube field data, the year after the double 11 day growth curve decreased, mainly because some businesses have to sell things but lack of inventory. Include things like I want to buy (I will not say what it is today, in 0) after about an hour already sold out, and I at that time.

So we

the scene of several reporters are forecast for next year’s double 11 May this year in accordance with the mode of a new record, this is the premise of businesses in accordance with this year’s results to forecast for next year, stocking more than ready to point it.


looks seven years of business inventory this problem has not changed, but in fact the commodity turnover has been on the increase, the growth in capacity is still very much, just because the number of participating consumers also increased, so you can’t buy things possible probability is the same. I feel the double 11 stocking, a bit like the spring capacity increase, every year we complain that they can not buy tickets, but we are easy to remember.

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