11 how to grab Red Raiders hand chop party elegant to save money

TechWeb October 31st report text / Zhou Xiaobai

saw the annual double 11 Shopping Festival is coming, do you like small series, has begun to add excitement in the shopping cart. Compared to previous years, this year more than 11 double play, more red envelopes. The same as the hand chop party, ADO, Xiaobian specially arranged in Tmall, Suning, Jingdong three category business platform to grab Red Raiders, hope you can also buy buy buy elegant save money.

sub category, grab red envelopes

double 11 this year, the major electricity supplier platform to extend the activity time. Tmall shopping Carnival from 24 hours to 24 days, from the beginning of October 27th, has been able to grab in November 11th. During the event, a total of 200 million red envelopes issued, a maximum of $1111, a minimum of $1, $10 coupons total of $5 billion.

Tmall, Jingdong, Su Ningshuang 11 grab red play

Tmall double 11 coupons can be robbed every day for 3 times, double the red envelope is only limited to the use of the same day on the 11 day, the red can be split to use, but also can be superimposed on the use of a superposition of the upper limit of 10 to 11.

It is said that this year Tmall

11 there is a large activity called "red volcano", compared to previous years, "red rain", the size of a greater amount, the specific time for the November 9th to 11, the whole point in the home under the red rain, a total of 40 million of total amount of red envelopes, which does not include taking home his red hair volcano.

Jingdong red is divided into 4 stages, from October 26th to October 31st is the warm-up phase, November 1st is a day in November 2nd to November 9th, seckill category promotions, coupons full cut, the amount ranging from November 10th to November 12th, people rush to open, red envelopes of cash and vouchers are red. In addition, Jingdong also has 3C, clothing, explosion and other special buying.

Suning double 11 envelopes from the beginning of October 24th, the day of October 31st, the reservation in advance to enjoy preferential purchase, November 1st to 9, the explosion pre-sale grab coupons, November 7th to 11 drop Suning client home have large red rain.

fight and play games to grab red

.It is worth mentioning that

, compared to previous years, simple and rude to grab a red envelope, this year’s three major electricity supplier platform is set to coincide with the red part of the entertainment factor.



"for Carnival cat" game with AR binding, catch the cat can get red envelopes, different kinds of cat convertible different prizes, which caught the cat can get double 11 party tickets to catch Disney Disney will be able to get tickets for cats.

Jingdong is blind guess game, guess you can get coupons, this year 11 Jingdong also set the order of red envelopes, so you can get specific input seckill coupons, users can also generate their own.

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