The electricity supplier giant collective content reached the little red book are the day had better

text / Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

and live electricity providers, social electricity providers, custom electricity providers and other new models compared to the traditional retail Challenger Ali and Jingdong seems to be becoming a traditional defender.

new model behind the popularity of the flow of electricity supplier platform to achieve the degree of competition was white hot, emerging marketing model has been light and fast small electricity supplier mining.

data show that in 2017 China’s e-commerce market size will exceed the sum of the United States, Europe and Japan e-commerce market. How can in this huge market share, in addition to the "traditional" channel laying, price advertising, shelf competition, increase traffic and create content as the core values of the main source of identity is also more and more attention by the content providers.

At present,

content based business platform (Guide) little red book, jackfruit, what is worth buying, and electricity suppliers to enter the community and content also is almost normal, Taobao,, and other Jingdong, the size of the electronic business platform will bring content to flow coveted three feet.

media content multi-level realization

began to rely on the development of the mobile era in 2012, new media and from the media continue to emerge, and in addition to the traditional advertising revenue, the electricity supplier channels to become a natural source of these media are the best source of income.

in September 22nd this year, today’s headlines today sale business and mobile mall system provider has reached a cooperation with the content of praise, selling goods shopping guide mode. There are businesses can be admitted to the top of the list, publishing brands, products and other content.

users in today’s headlines client, click on the headline article in commodity picture, can be directly to the merchant’s praise shop orders, payment, payment, payment in support of WeChat Alipay, consumers can also query all orders, logistics information in today’s headlines in his client.

According to today’s

sale business leader Li Mengru said, today’s headlines business from April 2014 to begin preparations before and after July, officially launched, presented in a shopping guide mode, commodity oriented Taobao, today’s headlines is mom mobile end cross shop settlement is one of the highest authority of Taobao customers.

in addition, headline number will open in the near future to insert a link in the article commodity function, currently has support for Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, praise, micro shops and a number of business platform shelves, expanding the content of business model.

and today’s headlines, some from the media for the content of the electricity supplier also invested a lot. In August this year released like electricity supplier from the media operations guide "from the media sellers is the future". The report said that since the path to commercialization of media in Pyramid shapes: to pay to read liquidity, as the representative of the ad and sell cash value added. The sellers cash for the most effective way of realization, is to realize the value maximization, relying on high-quality content and community interaction from the media business, will affect the user’s consumption.

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