Pat micro shop official operation of individual businesses can also WeChat shop

[Abstract] pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function, which consumers can pay through WeChat in any business pat micro shop shopping, payment paid to pat accounts, receipt of goods and consumer satisfaction, and then by Pat payments to merchants.

Tencent Francisco after a month of online operation, said Jingdong group pat Network, based on the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially open for online pat all enterprises and individual businesses, businesses can apply for opening and decoration pat micro shop by

pat Network relevant responsible person said, during the closed beta pat selects 5000 businesses opened micro pat shop and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function, which consumers can pay in pat micro shop any businesses through WeChat shopping, payment payment to pat accounts, receipt of goods and consumer satisfaction, then pay by pat to businesses, not only to ensure that the shopping closed loop experience, but also to protect the financial security of consumers.

pat shop on the line logo is also a full embrace of the pat Network Mobile wave, and will build a new e-commerce ecosystem based on social and trust relationships as a basis.

pat micro shop five core strengths of individual stores no longer have threshold

due to the high cost of access to traditional C2C ecological flow, fierce competition, the seller is very difficult to survive. Therefore, after the arrival of the mobile Internet, more and more sellers began to look forward to the center of the business model, namely the establishment of direct communication with consumers, maintenance and trading channels, thereby reducing the cost of acquiring new customers, old customers to enhance return. Pat micro shop is also a strong demand in this business came into being.

The person in charge of

pat micro shop told reporters that the current micro pat shop in addition to order management, CRM (such as coupons, membership, integral), shop decoration, logistics inquiries, customer service service and other functions, but also has the flow of PC interoperability, support a variety of convenient payment, including payment, reduce the personal business of WeChat open micro shop, WeChat threshold and hand Q Center entrance and drainage of low cost wireless terminal five core strengths.

it is reported that, due to the Taobao platform to shield the WeChat link jump, which makes many sellers in the era of PC can not reach by WeChat, to maintain the old customers, as well as from the PC shop drainage. Pat is in the opposite direction, according to the pat micro shop responsible person, through the pat Network on the PC side of the transaction process design of two-dimensional code guide, front page recommendation, encourage micro shop price and other multiple measures for micro shop diversion, to build a stable source of traffic for pat micro shop. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of mobile terminal payment success rate is not high, pat micro shop not only for businesses to provide a unified account across WeChat also offers a variety of payment, including caifutong and cash on delivery, payment instruments, so that businesses.

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