Hangzhou cross border electricity supplier to support the policy the highest award 5 million yuan of

as the country’s first cross-border e-commerce pilot area, Hangzhou cross-border business development highlights. The day before, "opinions" on accelerating the development of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou officially released, will be in the leading enterprises, introduction of cross-border electricity supplier brand, "single window" platform construction and Industrial Park Development in seven aspects such as increasing support, further cross-border e-commerce to seize the commanding heights.

According to Xinhua News Agency

reported in January 9th, according to the "opinions", in Hangzhou cross-border electricity supplier companies, in the first year of cross-border e-commerce import and export volume of more than $100 million and $50 million, respectively, to give a one-time funds not more than 5 million yuan, 1 million yuan to support.

at the same time, Hangzhou encourage cross-border e-commerce platform to take measures to improve cross-border e-commerce transactions. The cross-border e-commerce trading platform last year turnover of more than $20 million, cross-border e-commerce turnover rose by more than 10%, giving no more than 200 thousand yuan of financial support; an increase of more than 20%, giving no more than 500 thousand yuan of financial support; an increase of more than 50%, giving no more than 1 million yuan of financial support.

brand is also one of the direction of the development of cross-border electricity supplier in Hangzhou. "Opinions" add "to encourage cross-border brand cultivation" the content of its own registered trademark in overseas, and the formation of cross-border business performance of the enterprise, to give a one-time support not more than 80% of the total registration fee, to support individual enterprise does not exceed 200 thousand yuan; the products through international certification, the establishment of the United Nations standard products and services the classification code of the enterprise, the formation of cross-border electricity supplier performance, to give a one-time support according to the relevant certification service fee of 80%, supporting a total of not more than 200 thousand yuan each enterprise.

Hangzhou cross-border electricity comprehensive pilot relevant responsible person said, "single window" online and offline "comprehensive park in Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone of cross-border electricity supplier overall architecture will occupy the core position, the enterprise through the Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone" single window "Declaration of import and export business, or for the demonstration of cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park by the city that will be given to the support.

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