Violation of the domain name was exposed to the urgent need to purify the DC Market

according to the latest report shows that China’s Internet users have more than 210 million, in order to speed up the calculation, so far has surpassed the United States, the world’s largest Internet users in the country. The development of the Internet in China has attracted worldwide attention. At the same time, bring in the growth of Internet users behind the Internet boom, the momentum of development of Internet resources on the basis of "no", at the end of last year, China’s IP address number has reached 135 million, the total number of domain names in China reached 11 million 930 thousand, the annual growth rate as high as 190.4%. Strong demand for Internet based products, which also contributed to the prosperity of the IDC market now.

due to the demand for domain name, virtual host, server base station and a series of products in the market the number is doubling every year, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise informatization tide coming, so IDC service providers face. In recent years, both from the number of customers or from their own development has made great progress. In the market led, in recent years, the IDC market has also been a very chaotic situation. Many do not have the qualifications and technology of enterprises or individuals have also launched, but technical services simply can not meet the needs of the market. Now the market The atmosphere was foul. continued growth in the number of customer complaints.

is pleased that the relevant state departments have seen this situation, and take some effective measures.

last July, several major service providers jointly signed the "Internet address registration services industry self-regulation Convention". After the signing of the Convention, CNNIC as the Convention to oversee the implementation of the agency, has been exposed to the community to expose violations of the enterprise, the collection of evidence. Not long ago, CNNIC on the exposure of 52 companies suspected of fraud illegal domain name registration. This is a fraudulent qualification registration services black agent, has signed but does not fulfill the promise of self-discipline of registered institutions. Caused widespread concern in the community.

a webmaster said, this is a good thing. Now the market successfully, it is difficult to identify a common netizen, believe it will be impossible to guard against. The relevant departments of the state should bear the relevant regulatory functions, the informal enterprises to get exposure to the sun exposure, so as not to be deceived."

and IDC business on the matter and what is the opinion of the author of this visit to the well-known domain name host service provider, general manager of digital engine Huang Ruowei. Mr. Huang also expressed a welcome, "in recent years, the market is too messy, some do not have the qualifications of the person engaged in the industry of the market is very confusing, can not guarantee the interests of customers, regular corporate profits also because of low prices to deceive them become very limited. We welcome such exposure, but also a clean market customers."

with the increase of the government supervision, I believe the future of the IDC market will be more standardized, some informal enterprises will be eliminated, the market will re to service those strong and service specifications. IDC industry will provide a solid guarantee for China’s Internet industry.

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