Jingdong in Denmark supplier 400 thousand payment consulate sent a letter to negotiate

July 6th, the Danish Consulate in Shanghai sent a letter to the Jingdong, negotiate payment in arrears, which constitutes almost a diplomatic incident. For Jingdong, deal with the relationship between the supplier is to maintain the stability of cross-border electricity supplier platform ecological basis. Internet users in 2017 is expected to reach 25% of cross-border electricity supplier penetration, cross-border electricity supplier in the proportion of foreign trade will be increased to 20%. But how stable and rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, is still a problem.

[finance] reporter Lv Qian / text] in July 4th, the Danish Commodity Center (Danishowroom), a staff member of the financial reporter said that Jingdong owed its payment three months, the amount of about $400 thousand. From the Jingdong in Melbourne to start the Australian Pavilion, to further promote the internationalization strategy, less than a week.

the goods on behalf of Denmark Corporation TITAN TRADE center COMPANY APS in JD.COMINTERNATIOINAL LIMITED (referred to as Jingdong) global purchase platform (JD.HK) opened the "Danish goods center" shop, in April 2015 settled, operating more than 3 months, in accordance with the cooperation agreement, the company shall pay monthly payment for the Jingdong, but until July 6th Denmark Corporation, said the Jingdong has all kinds of reasons for delay in delivery of goods, the company has been greatly affected by. So, the Denmark Corporation decided through diplomatic and media channels, rather than the legal rights and interests, denounce.

July 6th, the Danish Consulate in Shanghai sent a letter to the Jingdong, negotiate payment in arrears. Jingdong promised to return this week. "If the Jingdong fails to pay in accordance with the commitments, we will continue to negotiate, the Consulate General of Shanghai will be submitted to the Embassy of Beijing." Denmark Corporation said.

in the face of BOE "finance" reporter said, there is no Jingdong suppliers owed money, also do not know the Danish Consulate in Shanghai sent a letter. The problem with the Denmark Corporation, the merchant in the provision of bank settlement information and other material omissions, resulting in delays in subsequent financial settlement time. Currently, Jingdong has received the latest accurate information provided by the merchant, and timely financial process.

search history, will find that including Jasonwood, AFU, ochirly oil and many other manufacturers are due to problems such as the payment of arrears Jingdong announced to withdraw from the platform, coordinated again after adding.

this phenomenon, some industry experts on the "financial" reporters, to maintain the company in large scale operation and its monopoly position, ensure cash flow is a must, enterprises take advantage of scale and channel advantages, absorb, occupy the suppliers of funds through the rolling way for their own long-term use, resulting in the rapid expansion, diversified development the situation is very common.

, an analyst who declined to be named, told reporters that China’s business environment is the buyer’s market, the supplier relies on the channel for the payment of arrears, most of them choose to endure. Resort to legal means

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