Jcipc software technology held 2014 articles Tengyun Hotel Network Marketing Forum


"2014 jcipc software (Xiangxi) Hotel Network Marketing Summit Forum" in 2014 07 on Sept. 08 at half past two in the afternoon, in the Jishou army Hotel Grand opening.



forum is a hotel network marketing feast by Changsha jcipc peak software and Jishou Tengyun technology jointly hosted, together well-known hotel manager, hotel industry insiders and other more than and 50 enterprises to participate in the hotel.


The development of the

social economy, led to a boom in tourism in recent years, China hotel industry has achieved rapid development, how to give the guest to the best service and the most luxurious experience? The age of the Internet has struck, how much do you know about the hotel Internet thinking? O2o the most popular vocabulary, and what opportunities the Tradition Hotel industry? The mobile Internet era, and how leveraging micro marketing thinking to expand the brand influence hotel? With these questions, the (Xiangxi) hotel network marketing conference, jcipc software product director, sales director, technical director, together with all the guests of the hotel industry marketing plan.


Product Manager Yang Yi share play changed, the new trend of the hotel internet era

jcipc Product Manager Yang Yi from the analysis of the hotel industry market environment, how to break the Internet era, puts forward the "three tricks" to solve the difficult problem of hotel marketing, and said the hotel internet marketing site guests are in high spirits without delay.


Sales Director Su Linjing speaker

Sales Director Su Linjing share "micro marketing fully leveraging the hotel since the media age" with all the wonderful speech guests get recognized, and summed up the Internet five new thinking: eye, interaction, sharing, data thinking, user experience. In addition, the scene of WeChat game interaction, causing a small stir.


Roundtable Forum: the future of smart hotel

is the most intense in this forum is the round table forum site, speaker and guest fierce discussion, sitting in the seats under the hotel guests have joined the discussion. Guests for the wisdom of the hotel had a doubt, that no matter how intelligent, or the need for personnel to manage, and the hotel lot is good, convenient is the most important. In response to a series of problems, Chen Ruguang, director of technical excellence, describes the benefits of self-service equipment in the hotel, the actual benefits to customers and the hotel. Also said that at any time to raise the level of consumption, more and more customers will pay more attention to stay experience, details of the service.


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