Novice to enter the three big problems to think about the guest

In the field of today’s

Wangzhuan, Amoy competition is undoubtedly intensified, from what they do new to almost all in Wangzhuan Laoniao, Amoy were wading Wangzhuan, the novice will undoubtedly increase the difficulty, many competitors. To the veterans, increased competition in the industry, so many people to divide the cake, but also the impact to the income. So for our people, is not to enter the Amoy industry there is no chance? It seems to me that in a year of Amoy webmaster, any time there is a competition, also hidden opportunities, you can seize the opportunity.

to enter the guest to choose the niche market

last year Baidu K API station to Amoy wantonly changing Baidu algorithm now, as well as many weight loss, breast enhancement, skin care products to enter the competition, a new industry must choose a niche market amoy. The so-called niche market, competition is small, big profit of long tail market, others such as promoting weight loss products, then we limited to personal ability and economic support, can choose to compete in small profit big products, although this product every day in the search for more than less, but less competition, better to do SEO. The same train of thought, if we choose dozens of niche market products to do, that if a stand for you to earn 500 dollars a month, if you have such a station, then a month can be over 10000. As for the product to screening, we can find the background to the mom, and then you can operate with some tools, so the thinking goes, I think in the Amoy industry, you won’t do a half or 0 of income. Not every day to each big BBS called Amoy is a Wangzhuan way, find the reasons from their own body is the premise of their growth.

to enter the guest should choose suitable ways to promote

now the Tao do more difficult is the promotion, how to let others find your website and buy the product is a problem. Do a beautiful website without access is not profitable, now for the guest promotion is undoubtedly SEO, soft, post, promotion is not much, but in essence, as long as a good grasp of the practice, to a high degree of excellence, do not worry about no site visits, also don’t worry about not making money. I have always insisted that is best suited to their own, like my own station I have been using my best SEO promotion, through the core keywords optimization to the first page of Baidu, and then bring some traffic. Some webmasters are good at soft Wen promotion, that he can bring a certain amount of flow through the soft, and then converted into revenue. No matter what kind of promotion, suitable for their own is the best. A guest Master I contact, he neither SEO nor engage in soft, is out of more than and 30 stations in the station group, his monthly income over a million, I admire him. For newcomers, a good practice skills, long-term implementation will certainly be able to see the effect.

to enter the guest mentality to steady, flexible thinking to

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