Lan Xiaohua talk about Taobao shop network marketing seven key words

July 23rd, the fifth network marketing conference held in Beijing, China in Ali pat platform owner has exceeded 14 million, as Taobao owner to quickly get the order, how to use the network to attract customers? This print journalist by the fifth network marketing conference interviewed the dream bazaar chief brand consultant, famous network marketing experts Lan Xiaohua teacher, Lan Xiaohua as the electricity supplier "grassroots business people" Taobao, want to quickly get orders to "good" at work, let the customer trust and rely on it is the key to success.

addition to do good price, good quality, good marketing, good service, now the business is in the maintenance of the premise of the old customers, in order to network marketing as the main, many companies look forward to receiving orders from the Internet, and the more the better. Famous network brand marketing expert Lan Xiaohua teacher summed up the seven key words of network marketing, might as well be worth the majority of Taobao owners try.

keyword 1: Construction and maintenance of good shops. Shops equal to your physical store, door, window, style, product display, should spend more time on the company. After all, it’s a window for you to communicate with your clients. Kung Fu and no effort, the effect will be different.

keyword two: often release product information, must let the customer can search your product. So often release product information, so that information on the front. Otherwise it will drown in the deluge of information, no echo, is not a chance.

keyword three: clever use forum. Empty bully forum, you can make a lot of good friends, friends of the way to go. In addition multiple essence paste, especially the related industry essence, if enough of your wonderful posts, customers will follow it to find you. Everybody wants to deal with experts. As far as possible to become an expert, write some good posts, harvest will be great.

keyword four: make good use of the owner of the blog, if the customer wants long-term cooperation, will certainly find a way to understand you. Look at the blog, because The writing mirrors the writer., feel at ease, to solve the trust problem, so order quickly.


five Baidu know answer, is a very good business platform is to improve the brightness of the. Often go to answer questions and ask questions, for people to answer questions at the same time our problems have been solved, there are points and levels, as long as you can work on home before ten, the exposure rate will greatly improve the


keyword six: set up to join the circle, deliberately circle community is very rich in human resources. And the formation of interaction is also very important group of experts. Business alliance, information exchange, resource sharing.

keyword seven: to ensure the continuity of communication tools, this is the key. If it is online contact, then be sure to keep online tools online. Because you do not know what time customers will find you, don’t take the initiative to wait.

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