Jumei com rejected fake rumors in the industry to solve the vicious competition

" 80% online sales of cosmetics are fake, " the day before, beauty beautiful makeup CEO Huang Tao’s words, the entire cosmetics electricity supplier industry pushed in the teeth of the storm. This is sensational, or the status of the industry, it is to do beauty group purchase business tycoon, has a very strong role to mislead consumers. Genuine, fake and low-quality goods, smuggled goods flooded the market, consumers how to distinguish


and coincidentally, before the United States cosmetics purchasing specialist for the title, understand the United States known as " in the procurement; " Suzhou netizen hair seventeen, said the United States 90% are fake, and forged " Excel form; the United States purchase orders sent to " the world community, the price is low, so onlookers in an uproar. The table below the market price of more than 10 times the purchase price, let onlookers crazy – the original selling cosmetics also money than drug trafficking? This post reply to the end of the world top tens of thousands of hot spots, micro-blog, watercress, instantly spread throughout the campus, become the hottest posts at the time. The reporter was informed that, after investigation is fabricated, the users by the local public security institutions to commercial libel prosecution, is currently in the stage of bail.

" the electricity supplier, we have a common lying in the gun. " Liu Huipu south are reporters frankly, in the cosmetics business competition, similar enterprises tend to start war fight at outrance. This is " black " unfortunately, the audience is the real situation of the unknown industry is widely misleading, because ordinary consumers do not have such a strong ability to identify. " if a little careful, you will find that there are numerous flaws in the post, 30ml products only than the 7ml supply price of 1 dollars, a formal quotation and sample bottle price, and even cheaper…… Like our large electricity supplier, procurement is a single software system, will not use Excel. "

" we obviously underestimate the power of the rumors, the greater challenge is waiting for us. A large number of blue V, red V and other business counterparts have forwarded Tianya post, criticized the United states. Some have an ulterior motive of media, come together to find the question. Although we will emerge in its totality and the operation validity corresponding authorization data, but these institutions, the United States is still the product procurement sources, licensing, distribution channels, logistics system, to carry out comprehensive questioning and slander. Liu Huipu said helplessly. " our traffic began to rise, sales began to fall, in the team’s assessment, we believe that all this is a sign of negative comes, because the return rates began to rise, we always adhere to the 30 days unconditional return, a refund for the loss of Kaifeng products began to expand. "

Guangzhou people and Law Firm lawyer Li Junhong believes that the electricity supplier in the negative hype of the competition, there is no winner. Any vicious competition is one of the industry’s misfortune, the cosmetics industry is actually hurt more than slander, leading enterprises. And Liu Huipu

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