From the perspective of the evolution of Taobao search engine algorithm to talk about the credibilit

a lot of people who do Taobao Taobao sellers know the existence of the phenomenon of brush credibility, and some people are more or less involved in it. Taobao itself is also aware of the dangers of brush credibility, but also has taken measures to combat the credibility of speculation. Tens of thousands of thousands of goods sold on Taobao alone is impossible to complete the screening of the credibility of the brush, Taobao’s recognition and punishment for the behavior of the brush is automatically completed the system. The success rate for the identification of the official figures given by Taobao is more than 99%, and if you feel wronged wronged by mistake, you can appeal. Taobao and brush the credibility of the seller’s relationship is like a cat and mouse, Taobao search algorithm adjustment will affect a number of sellers, and constantly improve the search algorithm also makes the space more and more narrow brush reputation, more and more obviously the effect of brush reputation.

The beginning of an

, which is Taobao 03 years up to 08 years or so, the collation of Taobao search is in chronological order, the general baby shelves for a period of 14 days or 7 days, more close to the shelf product ranking more forward, so the seller time is set to 7 days. This single rule is very easy to give the seller opportunistic opportunity, they will wantonly serious distribution, such as selling mobile phone shops, with a mobile phone he will last many baby, the baby title are similar, but not exactly the same, set different time frame, so that every different time will is he going to the shelves. Because Taobao was in a period of rapid expansion, the number of sellers is less, so the repeated distribution cheating and strictly. Until 09, 10 years later, Taobao brush credibility and strict penalties for repeat distribution and other irregularities, the repeated distribution phenomenon is well contained.

08 years later, Taobao gradually introduced popularity ranking. The initial search sort is still the default sort by the end of the time, but in the back of the increase in the popularity of the HOT sort of choice, the latter slowly evolved into the search by default sort of popularity. Popularity ranking and sales related, but also the amount of treasure collection, store collections, whether to participate in consumer protection, etc.. Sorting from the end of the day to the popularity of the sort is a major change, and therefore greatly spawned and contributed to the credibility of the brush atmosphere. Very simple truth, your baby sales high, you are in front, you will get higher sales, it seems to be a virtuous circle. The emergence of a large number of platform brush site, QQ group brush, YY brush, relatives and friends to help students brush, endless. To crown crown sellers, small sellers to star in the brush, the brush is not sales, Why not?? until later, seemed to brush the credibility of out of control, Taobao began to crack down on the brush reputation behavior. On line before the anti speculation Taobao credibility system, Taobao issued a notice to the signing of the declaration of integrity for all sellers, signed the declaration of the seller, if found false trading before after speculation on-line system, only deduct the credit score without punishment, not to sign the declaration of the seller, if verified will be severely punished. Indeed, the anti speculation Taobao reputation can find out a lot of false trading, to brush reputation and not to be found the difficulty greatly increased. Taobao

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