Jingdong and China Post strategic cooperation to expand the following three cities O2O

sina science and technology news on October 17th at noon news, recently, Jingdong and China Post Group strong together to expand strategic cooperation, and jointly build a platform for the city of three lines below the electricity supplier.

It is reported that

, through this cooperation, Jingdong will Chinese post "Huimin" optimization platform including computer, digital products, Home Furnishing kitchenware, cosmetics and other categories of products, through the China postal distribution in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Hubei and other 13 provinces, hundreds of thousands of outlets, radiation urban and rural market, providing high-quality shopping service for hundreds of millions of urban and rural residents.

cooperation projects have been on the line for more than a month, more than 500 thousand postal staff to participate in the platform to promote, has successfully developed more than 300 thousand members. Cooperation between the two sides will then be extended to various provinces and cities nationwide.

Jingdong cooperation with China Post, will be in the electricity supplier penetration of three lines below the market force. Postal delivery personnel carry mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminals, but also to help more urban and rural residents to buy their goods through the postal platform.

Jingdong, the head of the Department of large customers believe that China Post in the urban and rural markets, network coverage and service capabilities, is the development of electricity providers to O2O new phase of valuable resources. (Shang Zi)