Experts predict 2014 overseas purchasing or over one hundred billion yuan

traditional luxury stores lost overseas purchasing advantages, counter attack raging. Experts predict that in 2013 China’s overseas purchasing transaction scale will reach 74 billion 400 million yuan, the growth rate of more than 30%, in 2014 the scale of overseas purchasing transactions or over one hundred billion yuan. The local consumption of luxury goods in 2013 will reach $28 billion, an increase of only 3%. Luxury purchasing channels to mainstream sales channels.

purchasing business grew by 30%

recently settled just leave the stewardess purchasing case to allow overseas purchasing back to people’s attention. The parties were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, after the court had been found guilty of tax evasion of $1 million 90 thousand, sentenced to imprisonment for 11 years. Although the crime is the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, but that the tax evasion is 80 thousand yuan.

this judgment on the impact of overseas purchasing industry is undoubtedly huge. Some media reports said the online overseas purchasing sellers over 10, of which there are more than 5 thousand cosmetics purchasing. The airline stewardess purchasing case of first instance of the heavy sentence, from 2012 onwards, overseas purchasing market transactions is slowing, many shopkeepers have diverted. An overseas purchasing shopkeeper said, now micro-blog, WeChat has already moved to the sale of purchasing. "People who do purchasing too much, do a lot of purchasing in boss is estimated to be in prison if you scrutinize."

at home, click the mouse, you can buy goods from all over the world. From Louis Weedon, Gucci and other international brand to Chanel, Lancome and other well-known cosmetics, a variety of delicacy and exotic…… Overseas purchasing has been sought after by domestic consumers. But at the same time, but also because the process is not transparent enough, product quality and after-sales service can not be protected and widely criticized.

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2013 overseas purchasing transaction size is expected to reach 74 billion 400 million yuan, the growth rate of more than 30%, is expected in 2014 will break billion, in 2012 this figure was only 48 billion 300 million yuan. In 2013, the luxury goods market in China, according to Bain consulting, said China’s luxury spending was $116 billion. The decline in luxury goods consumption in China’s local stores, according to the Institute of quality of wealth estimates last year reached $28 billion, the growth rate of only 3%. So it seems that the luxury purchasing channels to mainstream sales channels.

prices have prompted

far away

purchasing hot, bear the brunt of the price factor. It is understood that overseas purchasing goods generally cheaper than domestic about 1/3 to 1/2. Under the influence of multiple factors, such as the appreciation of the renminbi, foreign channels of purchase of goods is not good, the discount price of domestic brands, such as the impact of small, consumer enthusiasm for overseas purchasing continued to rise. With the rapid development of e-commerce and the improvement of the payment system of the network trade, it is more convenient for overseas purchasing. Today, a variety of overseas purchasing shop everywhere, the first line of electricity

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